Pulver can cap off amazing year

I think because Jens Pulver has been out of the "big Two" shows this year, people are overlooking him as a Fighter of the Year candidate.

If he beats Gomi on Dec. 31 at Pride, he will have gone undefeated in 9 matches... three MMA, four boxing, one in Shoot Boxing and one in grappling.

Here's his year so far...

[] In MMA, he is 2-0 with KO wins over Naoya Uematsu (13-2-2 at the time) and Stephen Palling (11-6-1).

[] In pro boxing, he is 4-0 with 3 KO wins and an upset over Steve Vincent (4-0) on ESPN2.

[] In the Shoot Boxing Grand Prix, he was 1-0, beating Dai Jyouan of China, who was that country's champion... again by knockout!

[] In grappling, he was 1-0, beating American Top Team black belt Marcos "Parrumpinha" Damatta in the Super Fight of NAGA Chicago.

Again, 8-0 so far against top competition. If he adds Gomi to the list, it's a heck of a year.

Yeah if he beats Gomi it will have been an insanly good run.

It's him against Penn, let's see a re-match.

I remember the Vincent fight. It was pretty close, should have been a draw. I hope Gomi isnt too big for Pulver. Jens is 149 and Gomis pushing 170, I think.

nice work keeping him busy on all fronts monte. merry xmas my friend.

Pulver will always be one of my Favorite fighters.

I am STOKED for his match with Gomi,i think that fight could be the headliner in any event.

Good to see lil evil back on PPV!!

Tagacameron: Vincent fight was pretty easy scoring... Vincent 10-8 in rd. 1 (knockdown); Pulver 10-8 in Rds 2-3 (knockdown in each) and Vincent 10-9 in Rd. 4.

Of course, all the boxing guys thought Vincent would win... he had more than 100 amateur wins, while Jens never boxed. Vincent even said the matchmaker told him he was just fighting one of those ultimate fighting guys.

pulver be the shit

Pulver could go 0-9 and still have my full support.

He, along with a few other people are what's great about being a fan.

He always has time. 10/15 seconds after meeting him it felt like I've known him for years.

Pulver is genuine. That's an asset not many people posess.

Good luck against Gomi Jens, kick some ass!

Wow. That's an amazing year. Jens with serious boxing training is going to be scary as hell.
Gomi is going to have his hands full. I do think Jens will have to finish him or completely dominate in order to get a win though.
It is Pride after all.
I love Gomi but I want to see Jens get this win.

Good Luck to Jens!!!

I didn't know Pulver was on ESPN2. I'm mad I missed that.

JENS!!!!I hope he KO's Gomi that would be awesome.He can and will beat Gomi and Pride will be pissed I think but still have him fighting in the big time for them.

I have to get a T-Shirt like Penns...

IMO Jens Pulver is the #1 145lbs in the world.

Monte,is Jens boxing against Robbie Adamson next month in Chad bergmeier's show?That's just a rumor I heard but everyone keeps asking me about it

ttt for Jens

Pulver is the man, it's so good to see him back on the right track and conquering more sports and more divisions than any other fighter EVER

Nice work! I guess Jens is basically always in fight shape with that many fights. I did not realize the number had piled up this year like that. Kudos to Monte and Jens and I hope it was a financially rewarding year for him.

What weight is he coming into this Gomi fight at???


You really have a feather in your cap for the fine management skills done with Jens after his 2 losses.

Of course it doesn't hurt to have someone like jens to work with, but I sure look up to you and your management/people skills. See you at the fights!


ttt for Jens.

Best of luck in Japan.