Push Fight game online

Got it thanks!! no idea how to do programing, I do know I love logic style games though and would definately buy the app. One suggestion, in solitaire mode, you should be able to play against the computer, but over all I think its a great game!!!

and thanks for the heads up on my PM settings, I had no idea!

I've looked into playing against the computer. That is VERY expensive, so if that happens it will be in the future. Most of the ideas that require programming are expensive (if not all), so I need to take small steps. You wouldn't believe what I spent to get this one done (there's legal stuff involved, too).

Keep those ideas coming, though.

Speaking of solitaire: I highly recommend practicing using the solitaire version. You will get a feel for the game, and you'll improve rapidly.

I keep a game going all the time (on a real board), and I continue to learn (after 20 years of playing). If I get stuck, I think about it for awhile. I usually find a solution, and that's fun for me.

I still get surprised, even playing solitaire, so that means I haven't mastered it. I hope it's just as challenging for you guys.

hmm interesting game, I will have to order one.

That sounds great!

You should really try to push this game. Contact Yahoo and other online gaming sites and talk to them about getting your game out there. Or hire me and I'll handle the promoting and marketing of your game. I'm cheap too, in the past I've worked for peanuts!

If you've got a plan, send me a PM. Thanks.

not paying for it. there are PS3/XBOX360 quality on-line games that are free to DL and free to play.

$2.50 a month to play others is rediculous.

UNO on Facebook is free for god's sake!

Ok then, I'll let you play for free.

For now.

Bubba,Great game. You really need to do whatever it takes to take it bigtime. Once again, not sure what's involved, but what about getting it on Facebook? Have you considered selling the game? Might be more profitable to sell it instead of trying to develop it slowly due to limited capital. You need to hit the Game/toy tradeshows.Also, I'm assuming you didn't have the money, but you really need to get a solitaire version that plays AGAINST you, and not just you playing against yourself. You just can't effectively (imo) play a game of strategy against yourself.

Finally, you need to come up with programming that easily transfers from one platform to another, rather than having to "reprogram" it whenever you want to do something.


Thanks Easytapper. I appreciate all of the comments.

I love playing solitaire. I think it's unusual to have a game where you can play against yourself and learn (and get surprised). Just make the best move you can each time (for each team). Try a few games of it and see if you enjoy it.

I would love to play against a computer, though. I'd have to program all of my strategies into it. I'm also hoping some chess masters and other great gamers will come up with their own strategies. Maybe in the future I'll play against the computer and it will kick my ass. Now THAT would be fun.

Wow good game, good luck!

Thanks cab.

Sorry Ryan. I'll expand in the future. You can play online, though, and see if you like it.

You, or anyone, can post their email address or send it to me at pushfighter@gmail.com. I'll send you a couple of Usernames with Passwords so you can play.

We'll all play for free for awhile. I want to thoroughly test out my game. When I do start charging, it's only $2.50 per month, not per game played.



Do you typically have the same setup/opening at the start of every game, or do you vary it?

Definitely like it. As I play, more strategies are opening up to me.

I vary it. Sometimes I start without having 4 pieces at the center line. That can lure people into bad decisions.

Are you supposed to be able to push your own pieces?? It seems white can push its own pawns.

Yes. You can push any piece. It can be white or brown, round or square. You can also push a whole line of pieces. You just have to push at least one piece to complete your turn.

Yeah, personally, I think this would be HUGE as an iPhone app. You could probably sell it all day long at $2-3. It's exactly the type of thing that sells. Simple, yet engrossing.

I don't think a monthly charge is the right direction to go with though.