PXC Guam results?



still a couple hours till the events will be finished. Here is the most recent card that I have seen:

Fight 1

Chris Brub vs. John Cing

Fight 2

Manny "the Enforcer" Chong vs. Jay Santos

Fight 3

Buck Greer vs. LaVerne Clark

Fight 4

Adam Lynn vs. Jason Medina

Fight 5

Dave Rivas vs. TBA

Fight 6

Jeremy Horn vs. Cameron "Bad News" Brown

WTF? where is the Clementi vs Yagin fight?

was thinking the same thing..

the card looks stacked...

any results yet?

sorry Chris but GOOO LaVerne ..

I'll do my best giving the results. They didn't have a program and I didn't have anything to write the results down with.

The order of fights might be off.

John Cing lost

Jay Santos was DQed because he was too tired to continue and did not get up off the canvas when Larry Landless tried to stand them up in the second round.

Buck Greer subbed Laverne Clark with a triangle in 2nd round

Adam Lynn caused Jason Medina to tap due to strikes in 3rd round. He stomped on Medina's face.

Dave Rivas lost to Khurla (sp) from Gibson pankration

Rich Clementi got a doctor stoppage victory over Eddie Yagin at the end of round 2. A cut over Eddie's eye opened up in round one and worsened during round 2.

Jeremy Horn put on a clinic in a win over Cameron Brown. Brown was submitted via side choke (ala Horn v. Liddell) in right around a minute into round 1

I am forgetting one fight. It was a pretty good night of fights and decent production from such a small show. They had very few glitches and overall looked very professional.

"Adam Lynn caused Jason Medina to tap due to strikes in 3rd round. He stomped on Medina's face"


congrats Adam and Buck

Horn should be in the UFC, PRIDE or K1

Congrats to Buck and Adam. NG Rocks!!!!

kangrangarations to richie boi

Never heard of the guys Horn fought. Any info on him?


fights out of gibson pancration

Congrats to Medina for even fighting. He has a brusied sternum and a couple of broken ribs. He didn't want to pull out a week out due to the promoters cost of his plane ticket ($1600). The fight must have been even after two rounds, since it was a two round fight with a third if tied. Congrats to Lynn, heard he is tuff.

He only took the fight as week ago so he couldn't have pulled out before that. Adam dominated the fight from start to finish and they were all 3 round fights. IF he had a bruised sternum before the fight it is broken now.

Jason was a really cool guy and I kicked it with Fryklund a lot this weekend and he is cool as shit.

Congrats to Buck and Adam. Both great fights...

congrats to rich!! any description of his fight would be appreciated.

I believe the person you are refering too who beat Dave Rivas is Kultar Gill from Gibson Pankration.

His teammate Blake Frederickson was supposed to fight as well, anyone know the results?

Way to go Adam and Buck!!!!