Q an A With Denis Kang

can we have a qna with denis kang, there seems to be a many number of threads, i think we should have one. We can use this thread or make an official one which ever. thanks mma.tv

What's your favourite Korean food?

How big do you think MMA will be in Korea? Do you think it will one day rival Japan's obsession? Do you think Korea will turn out good grapplers like Japan or stick with its roots in striking? Good luck!

Ok guys, shoot me all your questions !

Good to see you posting here, Denis! Ive got one question. Who was your toughest opponent?

Good luck in your next fight.

Dennis, how are the chicks in Korea

Dennis, favourite "Trailer park boys" character ?

who is your fav BJJ teacher in Kelowna?

1.fokket, my favorite Korean food is kalbe of course

jakketwrestler, I think in time MMA in Korea will one day rival the Japanese scene. Japanese and Koreans are not that different believe it or not and both cultures have strong martial art roots. It's only about 1 year old there right now but Korea is already a force on the international wrestling,judo and boxing scene so MMA is bound to follow !

fishyfish, I've tried it. It's good. Kinda like an ephedrin stack but not ast strong.

Unknown, my toughest fight so far would have to be the Semenov fight, mostly because I was jetlagged. I flew over 15 hours to get there on wednesday night, made weight on the thursday and fought the next friday night.

napalm, the chix nice but none speak english.

JHR, favorite TPB character would have to be Ricky.

lowotis, my favorite BJJ teacher in Kelowna is definitely Tony Williamson. He's a little fat but can tuck and roll with the best of them thanks to his rotund shape. He's also an accomplished hunter.

What's do you train for stand-up? Any TMA roots?

how would you describe your match with Dave Terrell.Is he as good as people say

Lots of TMA guys in Vancouver. Have you ever sparred with a TMA guy who could hold his own?

Dennis- Awesome your fame is spreading but is there a chance of returning to Van and teaching? I was about to join your club...I met a guy who trained there and he said he learned more from you in two months than his previous two years.

Kalbe is the best.