Q an A With Denis Kang


you're the shit!!!

hima ;)

denis what is your fav hangout in vancouver other than the gym. Whats ya favorites restaurant?

Hambone, Joe Doerksen is a good friend of mine. In a rematch I think I would beat him but he probably thinks the opposite. Typical fighters we are...

Ivincivle Armor, I train in lots of boxing and some kickboxing as well. I did Hapkido with the Wolfe bros before I did BJJ. We did LOTS of roundhouse kick repetition on the pads. Was good training.

napalm, the match with terrel was a standup war at first. Both of us getting some extremely close doubles and singles. He finally got me with a hip-slide single and got points. I think we stood up again then I tried an arm-throw (drop-seionage for you judokas) but we were so slippery I missed it. I rolled to guard and sunk in a tight kimura which he rolled out of and we both ended up on our feet again. From then on I was trying to take him down hard to even-up the score but time ran out. Good match overall. I have it on MPEG so I'll see if I can get someone to post it.

Hama, I sparr with Bill Mahood who has lot of full contact TKD fights. When we kicbox his kicks are VERY tough to deal with. I usually resort to accidental head-butts.

titties, I like your name, I already teach in Vancouver at Universal Martial Arts. Check out the Canada Forum for the schedule thread.

ravishing, YOU da shiznit girl !

Punk, my match with Terrel was at the "03 abu dabi trials in San Diego. For the details see the above post. Thanks to my crazy little bro Tommy, I learnt a lot about Game dogs and I like it but I dont' have any dogs. When I'm training for a fight my diet is pretty good. Usually lots of small meals with complx carbs, lean protein and tons of green veggies. I have a dietician make out a meal plan for me and everything is in exact proportions so I weigh it out before I cook it. Usually around 3000 Cals/day.

Hey denis, what's up? Cool to see getting the recognition you deserve. I heard you are teaching at universal. Is marcon training with you again? What nights are you teaching? Talk to you soon paul.

how big is the mpeg?

"I think we stood up again then I tried an arm-throw (drop-seionage
for you judokas) but we were so slippery I missed it"

did/do you practice judo?

lions-d, people always ask me that and I never know what to say cause if I'm not training I'm probably resting to go train again lol. On my days off I like to go hangout and eat with friends or watch movies. I dont' party too much except when I'm in Vegas for the UFC...

BJandcabbagefan, that's none other than me main man Jaysun "Mayhem" Miller.

Dennis do you or have you ever trained w/George st.Pierre(sp)if so please tell us about it

forde, hey bro, yeah I'm back at Universal teaching. Marcon is not training right now but I hope he will come back soon. That guy is like a mini-randleman.

Superconan, I cant say how big it is right now cause I'm in florida right right now and it's saved on my home PC. Shoot me an email and I'll try and send it to you over MSN when I get back. I grew up in France and I did not like soccer so instead I did Judo. The one I did with Terrel though I learnt in Freestyle wrestling. Probably at SFU.

napalm, StPierre is a good friend but I've never trained with him

effinggoof, up and comers from BC that I know would definitely be Kajun Johson out of PG Fightclub.

seifer, yes it's true. I met Minowa in korea and invited him to come over and train in Van. He cam for most of september. It was great having him there. He's one tough SOB.

that is minowa 2ed from the right.

Steamfitter, I haven't bought a gi in a while but I know Marcus Soares sells them. Best place for high quality sushi is "Tojo's" I hear but I've never been. I usually like Samurai sushi or Kisha Popo for all you can eat...both downtown.

Dennis is your match in M1 confirmed ?

best korean bbq in vancouver?

dendawg, is it true that Shelby wants to have your babies?

Punk, I think my style would match up best with someone like Joe Riggs.

effingoof, Bill and Dennis Wolfe are excellent Martial Artists who have always kept an open mind to new ideas and training concepts. I think that their system is excellent for hardcore selfdefense.

JDevolution, my match in M1 vs Suloev is almost confirmed. You will know soon.

Best place for Korean BBQ is "Johnson House" on Kingsway past Metrotown, or my aunt's house when she makes it.

I think Soulev is a good match up for you although he can be boring. I think you are a much more well rounded fighter than Lister but what will you do to force Soulev into your fight, as he tends to back off and wait for the right moment to counter which in the Lister fight never came about and was incredibly boring.

Imamisno, I have met neither of them. I dont' think I'm that big of a celebrity in Korea yet but hopefully I will soon.

TTT for Kang vs Riggs in the U.F.C.

Dana please make this happen