Quest for 300 lb. Sandbag Shoulder

For you sandbag fanatics out there...

There is a guy over at Bryce Lane's "Iron Works" ez-board that has set out to Shoulder a 250 lb. sandbag 50 times in 20 minutes and/or a 300 lb. sandbag for 10 reps. He aims to do this by the end of 2005. His internet handle is "Strongmac."

He is posting a training log, and I thought some of you might like to have a look-see.

Here is the thread which he states his intentions (cut and paste):

Here is his workout log (he just recently shouldered a 200 lb. bag 20x in 9 minutes, did 75 HSPU in ~25 minutes, and did a Sumo Rack DL with 640):

As an aside, if you've never visited Bryce's homepage or ez-board, you ought to - they're good stuff!!

"Power, Endurance, & Flexibility Page":

"Iron Works" ez-board:

Wiggy -

Strong bastard!

Good stuff.


Jeremy, "shouldering" means taking the sandbag and placing it on your shoulder.