Question about MMA Agents/Managers

I always have fighters(a lot of A class fighters) come up to and ask me to recommend an agent/manager. So I would like to ask you guys who should I recommend these guys too and why? Would really like to hear from some fighters that are currently signed. THANKS




 Monte Cox and the Pav of course

 I'm interested in this also.  I just started my pro career (1-0) and am looking for some advice from some vets on managment, when do I need it? who should I go with? (I live in Indiana, by the way), and what is a fair % a manager would expect?

 For the record, and this probably depends a lot on self-definitions, but Managers and Agents are often entirely different jobs. So it would be good for your guys to talk with lots of folks out there to get a feel of what they can do for them.  Best of luck!

I have said this before and I will say it again.

Rob Roveta of Denaro Sports Marketing is the man to talk to.
Check out their website and tell him Warren Donley sent you.

Everyone that I know who has delt with him has nothing but praise for him from fighters to promoters to actual sponsors(big players) who have told me that he is the best agent to deal with and that he gets his guys the most$.

I have delt with him and totally trust the guy.

You can thank me later.

lets say i wanted vanderlei silva to visit my gym for an appearence. how do you find out whats up(cost, dates, etc)?

how do you book a fighter for an appearence?

how do you find thier manager?

 Thanks Daddy04.  I actually met Sandy Freer once (she was listed as working for Denaro) and she was great.  I contacted them about some more information and we'll see how it goes.  Thanks again.



Contact Rob at Denaro.I think he handles appearances for Wanderlei.

Cant go wrong with The Pav.  There is a reason 50 elite level clients work with him.

some good guys listed above. another - Joe Cavallarro has been absolute gold for everyone he's worked with.

"They're playing checkers, he's playing chess"


Any idea how I could get in touch with Mr. Cavallarro?

 Thanks maulinator1

Checkout my website:

it speaks of my mma managment experience. If you want to call me feel free.
My number and email address are listed there too.


who handles tank abbott? want him to do an appearance.