question about weight lifted during bw exercises

OK, question. What rough percentage of my bodyweight am I lifting during various Bodyweight excercises?

Most interested in:

Hanging leg raise

Reason for asking is that I measure the progression of intensity of my workouts based on total volume lifted over time (I can therefore ensure that I am increasing total time under load week over week)

Recently I have switched back to using some bodyweight excercises as part of my routine and I want to ensure that I am able to continue to use the same methods (and the cool workout databse that I am building)

Doesn't have to be too exact as week over week improvements on the same excercises are more important than 100 % accuracy.

You really don't know what % of your bodyweight you're lifting when you do dips and chins? I mean, really?

well neither would be 100% though chins would be closer than dips.

thanks mick

It is 100%. You are supporting your entire weight. Now, it may not all be on the tris or lats, but you're the only thing holding you up.

Do you also worry about how much your arms weigh so you can add that to your benching numbers? Or add your upper body to your deadlifts? Or from the knees up to your squats?

fair comment.

What about he leg raises? 30%?

Once you can do say 12 reps for 2 sets with dips and chins get yourself a dipping belt and start adding weight then you won't have to guess.

Thanks banco, I have a dipping belt and will be adding weight over time. Just have to add that to my bodyweight I guess.

Stupid question obviously. It had been a long day!