Question for Elvis Sinosic

Elvis, after you put Bisping down with the knee strike, you slapped on a kimura and appeared to have full extension on his limb. I kind of got the impression that you let go intentionally and transitioned to Bisping's back. Is this what really happened? I was really pushing for you to win tonight and now I have to eat crow from my wife (she's English).

Anyhow, I dont want to sound disrespectful towards you or Bisping, and I completely understand not wanting to seriously injure your opponent but why didnt you break his arm?

at one point from the angle they showed, it did look like he could have taken that arm home on a 30 hour plane ride if he had wanted to... can't imagine elvis let up... bisping must have just got enough space that elvis knew he wasn't going to land the sub and went for something else..

"Everyone in the room thought it was fishy."

Same at our place. I've never called "work" in the UFC and I don't think this was one, but it sure was peculiar how Elvis backed off when he had it won, then instantly lost when Bisping recovered. Very wierd and disappiointing.

It happens....

Same with the end of the Florian Mishima fight..


I was very dissapointed with the King's performance

I thought that in his last two fights.He waws winning his fight with Griffin,he gets tagged the ref hurries up and stops it.Then this fight,it looked as though he could have finished it.Then ten seconds later looked as if he just given up.Both fights looked very fishy to me.

Look real to me. Bisping turned and escaped the kimura. And he turned around to get on top.

Yeah, no real contoversy here, move along.

Lol at Pastafarian. You know, getting the shit beat out you can kinda' wear a guy down. Elvis has a long history of laying back with guard and getting pounded.

Not fishy, just exhaustion. If Elvis hadn't taken such a beating in the first round, he might have won it in the second. They were both gassed at times but Bis had more.

It didn't look like Elvis had a good lock on Bisping's body (hooking with his knee on the head or shoulder). It would have been hard to crank the arm any further with that position IMO. He was also clearly still a little "rattled". I really hated seeing Elvis lose, he did well on his feet, just took too much punishment on the bottom. Good luck Elvis, and congrats Michael.

Dogwood, I never actually thought that there was anytrhing fishy there. I would agree that Elvis was definitley tired and just covered up to protect his face at the end. I dont really feel that Bisping's final flurry actualy warranted the stoppage, but given the fact that Elvis was rocked in the previous round and was exhausted it was a good idea to stop that when they did. I hope to see Elvis back.

another question for Elvis...

Do you have any future fights coming up with the UFC? Do you have any kind of long term deal with the UFC. You stepped up to fight 2 UFC golden boys and Sakara and made a go of it every time. I for one would like to see you continue your career in the UFC.

How can anyone think that fight looked fishy? No

fighter woould agree to take that kind of beating in

a worked fight

"No fighter woould agree to take that kind of beating in a worked fight "

A Japanese one would.

some works don't include the soon-to-be winner in the planning. makes
for a more real fight.


Elvis fought & fought hard, Shut Up with the Worked fight angle!

Do you really think the UFC would risk losing

every thing to help advance the career of Bisping?

I'm usually sensitive to dodgy fights, and saw nothing fishy here.

Works don't usually involve a pounding for one guy.

I would like to know what game plan Elvis had going into this fight. IMO, it didn't look like he had a plan, just there to lose, errrr, I mean fight.