do you..........

ok, how would someone get rid of a small ring of fat right above the waistline as quick as he/she can??????????

what would be the best exercises?

Squats, deadlifts, power cleans, push presses, chins, rows....

aerobic and sprint training....

the 'away-from-the-table' push

thanks, my bro is trying to loose some weight, and he needs as much help as he can get

btw-how well do sit ups do?
he thanks ya

here's the deal....

muscles do not preferentially get energy from the fat cells which happen to be located on top of them. Your muscles do work and get energy from the bloodstream, and the fat cells that release fatty acids into the bloodstream do so according whatever your genetics predispose them to. In other words, you can not 'spot reduce'. If that's the last place he has to lose fat from, then he just has to burn the calories.

The exercises I listed, and some others, are basically exercises that take a lot of work for the larger muscles, in combination. Which means they'll burn more calories. Sit ups work the hip flexors and ab muscles... tiny muscles that aren't going to to a lot of caloric burning. They're fine for strengthening the muscles under the fat, but they won't do much to burn the fat.

Oh the last exercise... was meant to say 'dietary habits are absolutely key'.


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