I'm 48 and I've been at this for 17 years but that is deceptive because there were times when I was training 15 or more hours per week. Years don't mean much but hours do! Been with SBG 7 years.


MA since I was 13. Mostly crap until '91. Wrestled in high school. BJJ since 94 (mostly no-gi).


I am 39 years old (BIG 40 this year Ye Haa!!) Started training when I was 15. Exlored a lot a little if you know what I mean. I feel that my focus has been best the last 3-5 years.

The best since discovering SBG and TCMS. and The Underground.

And some awesome training partners.


I am 34 . I just discovered two years ago how much I love all of this. My body definitely wishes I had started earlier!!

Just turned 31.

Train seriously? Probably about 3 years overall.

Stuck at 27,

JKD - 10

other stuff - 10

total - 20

minus all the stuff I had to get rid of.....,

-Paul Sharp

Im 33 and Ive been training since I was 13.

I'm 23 and I started martial arts when I was four. I've had some really big gaps though. I did Shotokan from being 4 till I was 6 years old. Started shotokan again when I was 10 and quit when I was 14 (six months before my 1st Dan grading, how stupid is that?). I've been training again since the start of 1999.

12 years but not intnsive, intensive only 6 years karate goyu ryu, aikido aikikai, boxing, kickboxing and bjj,but i am fell like a beginer especially in this forum but is great and can have good friends.}
Happy New Year Joe and for all.

I'm 29. I trained 2 years in TKD in high school. I started training again about 4 1/2 years ago.

Anyone Else? This is great. Very diverse. But we need more. J.M.

24 years. A woman does not discuss her age...Happy New Year, Joe!

My step-brother used beat on me mercilessly... when he could catch me, that is!
There was a circular path through the rooms, and he would chase me at full tilt till he caught me. One day I wondered what would happened if while we were running with him hot on my heels if I just dropped down on all fours. Worked great! All of a sudden I drop... and he goes flying through the air... little-bro-do!!


25 turning 26 in Feb.

Been training for 9 years

happy new year / sun nien fai lork

hmmm, my esteemed forum brothers have much more experience than me. i'm just a beginner. on and off since 13 (more off due to chasing girls, going to college at night and working days, and lately family and work have taken up most of my time). dad taught me yang tai chi. too slow for me when i was a kid. should've kept it up for health. he showed my little YKS WCK. when i was 18, met some friends from sports who learned Moy Yat YM WCK and another who was into Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis. started checking out WCK and JKD then.

around 30, i got into checking out FMA and DB. i would say quality training time, is more like 6 mos prior to marriage, working out along with dog brothers vids and edgar sulite vids at home. trying to fit into the tux :-) since then in the past 2-3 years, i went to a few seminars.

36 years old now but feel like 50 with the 2 kids :-)

ok now it's Joe's turn :-)


1 1/2 full years this jan (bjj).
on and off for 3 years before that(jkd).


ps. thanks to jkd_guy for introducing me to this fabulous world =)

The Seeker,

"and if u count just fighting
since I got my first beat down from my older football/wrestling brother and my cousins"

I think being a younger brother should definately qualify as martial arts training and be a self defense system unto itself - Little-Bro-Do.

Key techiniques and strategies are anti-wedgie, anti-swirley and take-it-like-a-man beat downs.
You earn your black belt in this art when you kick your older brother's ass for the first time.


'seriously',- 9 years.

unofficially for 8 years before the 9.

31. Training 5 months. I have a long road in front of me. I have my good sneaks on though.