Quick weight / weigh in Q

ill be about 3kgs under the limit, 24 hours before weigh-in (at 11am for a 2pm fight), after a digestive system cleanse & some dandeloin root, shall i keep my fluids up & stay close to limit the whole time, or stay lower, have a bigger brekky & drink more fluids in the morning leading up to the weigh-in? I believe the human can only re-hydrate at 1 litre per hour...

If the weigh-in is 3 hours before the fight you don't want to cut.

All weigh ins should be done within a few hours of the fight, if i could have it my way it would be done in the center of the ring as part of the opening ceremonies.

why not just try to either BE the weight you want to fight at or fight at the weight you really are. it's a lot healthier than the constant up and down of weight and dehydration rehydration cycles

Did you not read his post? He'll be six pounds under.

You don't want to be dehydrated when you get into the ring. Nobody gets bonus points for being well under the limit, so drink water and eat a quality dinner the night before.

Make sure you have an accurate scale so there are no surprises.

yeah - i know my scales are accurate, i got a whose a scale technincian & had him test mine - i just hope theirs are!

ill keep my water up, weight close to the limit as possible & get about 2.5 litres of fluid in me before i get in the ring.