Ralek gets Brown Belt

Just heard that Ralek got his Brown Belt. Congrats to him!

Congrats Ralek!

How old is Ralek now?


That's good news! I met Ralek at a seminar with Helio Gracie last September. He's only 19 I believe...that should be right, he's only 1 or 2 months older than me. He was rolling with some of the other purple belts there and PLAYING with them. He just wasted 'em. Helio watched and nodded in approvement every once in a while when Ralek did a sweep, gained a position, or completed a submission. Another thing, the guy's HUGE! They grow big in that family!!! And really long arms too...like they were genetically engineered for Jiu-jitsu. All competing purple belts should now breathe a sigh of relief.

Congratulations to him for his Brown... He will rule in that division...

he's competion just got cut in half. not too many browns compete. thats a shame , i enjoyed watching him compete.

Congrats to Ralek from all of us at Hartford Dojo!!

Congrats to Ralek!



I wish the Gracie boys posted here... but I don't blame them that they don't...

congrats to Ralek!

Congratulations Ralek!

Damn, it was only yesterday he was kicking my ass as a purple while teaching class. :)

congrats to Ralek!

ralek only a brown thats fishy sounds like putting an nfl player in peewee football

OrangeCats- What are you talking about? Should he have gotten his BB when he turned 18 just because of his last name?

good question?

i am sorry cause i know this is a ralek nutriding thread but i have seen him compete and was never once impressed when he fought someone talented. he has no stand-up and a very basic guard. if i remember correctly mike fowler beat him soundly and even he did not place at the pan american games for purple belt this year. i am not saying that promotion was not deserved (he has put in many years of training) but the guy is definately not the phenom some of you guys are making him out to be.

Did Mike Fowler tap him? If not, I don't consider that "beating him soundly" but then again we may have a different idea of what constitutes good jiu-jitsu.

No, Mike Fowler did not tap Ralek, and Ralek had Fowler in a tight armlock when time ran out.

Whats wrong with having a very basic guard? Rener does too and it worked pretty good against Fabio Leopoldo.

He soundly beat Caiques son who is also a brown belt now I believe. I think Ralek took 2nd at the pan ams this year. And the guy that beat Ralek at the pan ams got rematched with Ralek at Rorions tournament and Ralek tapped him.

And besides, Ralek could care less that fowler beat him in a 7 minute match. Big Deal. Everytime I watch Ralek fight I am impressed with him.

We should all strive to have a very basic, yet effective guard. MOre isnt better. Fancy isnt better either.

I'm really impressed with all of the Gracie kids.