Rampage shows us how to pick up a chick

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At least we know why he wants to leave the UFC, so he can do some softcore gay porn.

this will not be a high point a his career

They should do a "Design your life" with Don Frye.
Don't care much for Rampage in that role

Seeing as rape tweets have been taboo.

Not the smartest idea by 'Page.

But then again, Dana will be fine with this one 'cause he makes they money.

 hahahahhahaha rampage is an idiot

I chuckled a little... Phone Post


Ttt Phone Post

He just wants to be out of the fight game Phone Post


I thought it was funny. Yallz just butthurt... for some reason.

wtf is this shit? It wasny funny at all..

What in the actual fuck did I just watch?

Not funny

Also dumb to do the rape angle Phone Post

Dire - wtf is this shit? It wasny funny at all..

. Phone Post

I thought that was Cyborg for a moment.


Yawn Phone Post

Maybe he is trying to get cut. He did want out Phone Post