rampage's dog?

what kind of dog did Rampage have that he paid $20,000 for?

I think they said it was a mastiff.


thanks a lot, comish.

That adronicus site has Rampage listed as Light Heavyweight UFC Champion...:)

That was a pretty cool looking dog! :)

He said he is going to come out with his dog on saturday night

I heard that Rampage walked into a crowded elevator with the dog and told it to sit, and everyone sat on the floor.

I heard about that

I heard that Rampage walked into a crowded elevator with the dog and told it to shit, and everyone shit on the floor.

$20,000 my god. I have 2 Pitbulls and a Bull Mastiff. They each cost $0. With $20,000 i could feed them and another 100 dogs for life.

I heard about that

20K? Does it Shit Gold Pellets? Can it talk? Why so much?

How gullible are you guys? He paid $20,000 for his wife..not a dog..c'mon.

He probably got the dog free to allow the guy to use his picture on the website. According to all access Chuck owns Dana's ferrari too...lol...Don't believe everything you see on tv.

Cute dog though.

So Rampage paid out the ass for a glorified bandog?

Most likely Cane Corso mixed with another mastiff breed based on the looks. I can definitely see the Corso influence.

"bandog...wow you dont hear that every day. looks like boxer, american bd and mastiff"

Bandogs are a type of a dog not really a breed (like a bull Arab or a lucher). They are typicaly a cross of some mastif type dog (Mastiff, Bullmastiff, Neopolitan, etc) with other dogs often APBTs although other bull breeds are used. I have seen NEO APBT crosses (bandogs) that look just like some of the dogs on that sight.

I know nothing about the guy Rampage got his dog from but it seems he has come up with his own flavor of Bandog and given it a name. I did note that his site had no pictures of dogs being worked and no note of any working titles (schutzhund, french ring etc). There are a lot of people out for the gimmick angle of dogs like this and looking to make a quick buck.

I wonder if these are dogs that are breeding to type. He didn't have pictures of parents and litters. Many Bandogs dont breed to type. There was little on that sight to indicate these dogs are better, or even as good as other Bandogs being bred.

Edit because I saw on the sit that puppies start at $2500.

I would say a cane corso crossed with a presa canario. Either way, a lot of money for a dog.

LOL, I spent 3k on my bulldog and people think I'm nuts. 20k on a dog? Wow.