Randy Couture vs Tim Sylvia UFC 68

Breaking news as just announced on MMAWeekly Radio it looks like Randy Couture will be returning at UFC 68 in Columbus, OH to take on UFC heavyweight champion, Tim Sylvia.

There's your big announcement!

no way

<img src="http://media.ufc.tv/i.cfc?method=get&s=08CD6CAC-1422-0E8C-9A1BBB739AAE60D2.jpg"

I just can't see Randy achieving much more than what Monson dide... And besides, what he has a fight or two and then does the retirement thing again?

I lose respect for Randy cos of this. If he wanted to fight, he should have stuck it out! Not join the F Shamrock school of competing.


WAR RANDY!!!!!!!!!

If this is true then damn. What a competitor Randy

Go Randy

60/40 In favor of the Natural...!!....Wow...We are about to have a worthy Champion for Cro Cop to face boys!...

BTW...Also confirmed...The winner of Cro Cop vs Sanchez is next in line for the winner of Couture vs Sylvia!...


i want to be excited about this fight. i really do. i'm just not sure if i can be. randy is past his prime. i just can't see him taking down tim. a possible snooze fest.

Even if Randy gets the takedown, I think Tim's length will keep him from being able to GnP effectively. In five rounds, he will get KO'd sooner or later.

great matchup, if true

What a competitor. Respect to Randy.

I glad i got my tickets early

I think Randy wins this via convincing ground 'n pound.


i dont think he deserves a title shot. he needs to work his way up to one. Fuck this instant title shot, for anyone. His old ass should go do TUF for the heavyweight title shot, and if he wins he can have it.

Sweet lord. No one ever question Randy's heart. Coming back into a division because they started filling it with legit challengers!

Dana wants to make it as hard as possible for a pride fighter to win anything in the UFC. It will just show how superior Mirko really is.

"i dont think he deserves a title shot. he needs to work his way up to one. Fuck this instant title shot, for anyone"

Specially coming off two losses....

Pulsar feels me. This is BS. Mirko should get a shot at Trailer-Trash before Randy, at least he won his last few fights.