Rashad: Jones thinks he's God's gift to MMA

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                                Rashad: Jones thinks he's God's gift to MMA

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"Right now, this dude's on cloud nine. He thinks that he's God's gift to the fight game. I think he's gonna think that he can just walk right through me. Now that he's beat ‘Rampage,' he's gonna think that there's nothing I could do. He's seen my style and he's gonna think there's nothing I can do. He's gonna go out there and just try and embarrass me. He thinks it's gonna be an easy fight, but he's gonna find out different."

"I don't need Greg Jackson. I don't need him. He was great for me at the time, but I don't think there's anything I could have learned being at that camp. I've reached the top level that I could reach with that camp. I knew I had to leave a while ago. Things just kinda got stagnant. Jon (Jones) will feel the same way. He won't be there forever."

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 Heard Rampage say the same thing and Jones walked through him, just like everybody else.  This will not be a close fight.  Rashad is going down with strikes.


jones IS god's gift to mma


I don't see why rashad has an issue with a simple factual statement 

supercalo already explained this 

Jones is bigger and stronger every time we see him.....  And his skill improves dramatically.  I think Rashad beats Jones 5 months ago.  I think Jones 5 months from now finishes it in Round 1.

 Rashad has the speed, strength and wrestling to be a problem... but unfortunately he doesnt have the cardio nor the chin to pull it off.

Rashad acted that way himself not too long ago.

And so it begins... Phone Post

The UG thinks that Jones is gods gift to MMA too... So many people riding his dick and calling him the GOAT after one title defense... Phone Post

stonepony -
Freeman Dyson -  Heard Rampage say the same thing and Jones walked through him, just like everybody else.  This will not be a close fight.  Rashad is going down with strikes.
Yeah. And I doubt Evans will demonstrate the kind of class in defeat that Quinton showed. And, coming from me that says I lot, I've always been very critical of QJ, he surprised me and earned a lot of respect. He didn't make excuses, he didn't whine and cry, he was honorable in defeat. He said that he was the best QJ there has ever been, and I think he was right. I don't think Rashad would beat QJ right now.

Evans is in the same boat Rampage was in. He's coming in to this fight with one single advantage and a narrow predictable play-book. Instead of a power advantage like QJ had, Rashad has a hand-speed advantage. That's all. That's it. That's one thing that JJ has to prepare for. Whereas Evans has absolutely no clue what JJ will be bringing to the table.

Stylistically they're chess vs checkers, poker vs go-fish, Evans will be a -300 or -400 underdog.

Your right no clue what Jones is bringing to the table... Not like they trained together or anything.... Phone Post

GageIsLegend -
War Aoki - The UG thinks that Jones is gods gift to MMA too... So many people riding his dick and calling him the GOAT after one title defense... Phone Post

Lol how long have you been on here. Jones is one of the most hated mma fighters on here. Phone Post

People do hate him... But just as many people think he had already laid claim to being called the GOAT. Phone Post

Wow two weeks ago the UG kept on talking about Jones' hype train being over after Jackson.

Now Jones is gods gift to MMA, lol.

I think Rashad has the highest chance of beating Bones. Not only because of his speed, but a threat with the TD. Phone Post

if rashad can grow his arms and legs another 12 inches and avoid being kicked from 14 feet away by this mutant stretch armstrong character then I give him a solid shot at beating bones

nobody can get in on this dude, he's too long

So Rashad is going to stand up or try and take the fight to the ground... And you know what Jones is going to do... He's going to use his reach to keep Evans at bay and possibly throw some flashy attacks... Phone Post

Rashad must, too. He hasn't said one damned thing than didn't involve Jon Jones for months on end.
Oh wait, I forgot, Vinc...I mean Dana keeps telling him to.

These are two really well rounded, excellent products of the sport. I just look forward to this fight because it's an interesting match up. You have such a talented, inexperienced Champion, who comes from such an athlethic family, in Jones, against a well rounded, experienced, athlete who could easily be Champion at MW and LHW, in Evans. I wonder how Greg Jackson feels about this fight, professionally speaking.

i dont think he is i know he is Phone Post

I never bought into the fake hype that Quinton had a remote chance against Jones. That said, I do feel Rashad has a LEGIT chance against Jones.

Rashad improves every fight, his standup is not one-dimensional like Rampage. Jones will not have the wrestling advantage this fight, Rashad will not be scared of the clinch, he isn't going to get tossed there either. Jones has the reach, Rashad has the 1-shot KO advantage and better boxing. Quickness I'd say is also a push. I wouldn't even be surprised if Rashad was able to take Jones down. The Rashad in the last Ortiz fight was a very, very focused bad motherfucker, he is on a mission.

I will be rooting for Rashad, I don't like Jones. But I am not delusional, I still think Jones is the favorite, his reach is a nightmare, especially since he knows how to use it effectively also (why Anderson is scared of him). If Rashad isn't careful either he could get Machida'd by a spinning elbow or flying knee, he needs to stay cautious. Unlike the Rampage fight, I feel this has a chance to be competitive, can't wait.

Jon jones can lose, whether rashad can win is another story. Jon jones is an exceptional talent and has the potential to remembered ( at the end of his career not now) as the goat but he can be a bit reckless and clumsy with some of his flashy attack. From memory in the bader fight he ate a solid punch while he was goin for either a superman or spinning elbow I can't really remember lol but along those lines. His moves are impressive and they cone off alot more than they get blocked, but his tendency to frequently go for these amazing strikes I believe will cause him to come unstuck sooner or later. Rashad does have a decent counter attack and timing but I'd much prefer machidas chances than rashads. There's a fine line between the right moment and the wrong moment for these moves and I think sometimes he seems to be more worried about being flashy than what his opponents are capable of. I truly believe that machida can present jj with a few problems if he can get jj timing and try stay out of his reach for the most part.. However it's a he'll of a lot easier Said than done when it comes to Jon jones lol

I listened to that interview and it seems Rashad is jealous of the kid because everyone except maybe Jardine likes him at Jackson's. My thing is this, if Rashad felt this way a while ago, why didn't he leave when Jackson first brought Jones in?

Also, by the time this fight happens, Jones will be greatly improved at every aspect like he has for each of his last 3 fights. Even Rashad said at the beginning of the interview that Jones looked stronger and improved before he went into his "act."