Rashad Starting To Bug You Too?

Taken from the post-fight press conference:

Tito: "Rashad fought an awesome fight, he defended my shot very well. Rashad is a great fighter, he's tough, he deserves to be on the top with the rest of us. He's gonna make me drive even harder for the next fight."

Rashad: "Tito you were grabbing the cage the whole fight. Every time I got in on you you were grabbing my shorts and the cage. The only thing you did was you took me down and you held me, you held me! I was blasting you! Take off your glasses! Let your face tell the story! How about the end of the third round where you just laid there like a little bitch and got pounded out? I felt you, you were gone!"

What a cocky douche! I can't wait to see this guy get KO'd and sent to 185. I picked Rashad to win the fight, but he didn't show much of anything until the last couple minutes of the fight. I can't stand it when people act this unprofessional and unsportsmanlike.

Seems to me Rashad was a little frustrated with Tito being a cheater in the cage and THEN he decides to be all class post fight.

KimuraCrunch = correct

Even so Kimura, Rashad handled it completely wrong. He came off like a total punk.

Rashad didn't do much but had tito not been holding the fence maybe he could of got those take downs and the fight could of been alittle different.....ya neva no yo........

Fuck Tito. Talking trash, assaulting Rashad for no reason pre-fight then running away, cheating in the octagon, then tryingto be a good guy after all that.

Fuck Tito.

Rashad is real.

Assaulted ? Running ? A little push maybe ! I don't need to see a rematch .

fuck you goku. Did Randy Couture tell Tim he laid there like a little bitch after he revealed he had a hurt back? No, he didn't. Rashad handled the press conference like a total idiot no matter how you slice it. Professionals don't act that way.

Tito is such a scumbag lying cheater. A total cry baby fake.

nobody kicked anybodys ass in that fight.

its over, stop talking shit

It's TITO who made this a big fight, it's Tito who built this up and gave Rashad maximum exposure - now he gets an anticipated rematch.

WHO CARES about pre-fight interviews, they are a means to an end.

It was kind of a boring fight, guess what guys try to hold the fence a lot in the u.f.c .

I dont get why Rashad thinks he did such a great job, I think Tito actually won that fight.

Tito had him mounted at the end of the round, He took Rashad down more times. I know it wasn't a barnburner or a blowout by any means,

but he came off like he worked Tito and won a decision at the end of the fight or something, please!!!

Rashad is confused, he thought waving your hands around equaled some
damage. He did nothing that fight and is probably worse as a fighter
after this one. Give me Forrest v. Rashad, its about time two TUF winners
meet up.

Tito's politican act is what's getting old. He talks a bunch of shit to hype the fight, and then immediately switches gears into the nice guy to lay the ground work for his next fight. Then he goes back into shit talk mode. Tito was a lot more cocky when he had the belt and was winning. Evans seems to be humble in comparison.

I think its a nice transition for the rematch. Tito talking smack pre-fight, then acting like a gentleman post fight. Then the reverse for Rashad. Good for marketing the next fight IMO.

Come on guys. Rashad isn't cocky, but facts is facts. Tito did nothing. Todays Tito can't afford to lose. He fights like that! Tito tried to show class, since when? Tito has never been a class fighter, but Tito sells himself well. He's trying to set up his next fight and the Rashad thing is ALL business. Hopefully, young Rashad picks up on it and doesn't allow Tito to dictate shit.

If I were Rashad I wouldn't even address Tito. I would talk about his sorry ass in the press, talk about how tough he wasn't, and go right after Tito in the next fight.

Rashad has a BIG on Tito now. He's already fought him! He knows how strong he is, he knows how his punches feel, he knows how Tito clinches and how Tito doesn't want to go under him! I think Rashad goes after Tito, grounds him and pounds him out. Tito is only as good as his head games are.

Rashad, relax and stomp Tito. You intimidate him... He had the chance and could not get in your head.

"Come on guys. Rashad isn't cocky, but facts is facts. Tito did nothing."

HUH? And what did Rashad do?

The rematch would be nothing without a major angle---racial, heel turn, etc. Apparently they chose the heel turn. Rashad looked way overrated in there. Tito---way over the hill.

Something may very well be wrong with Tito. He didn't look right after
the first round, and was moving like a normal 42 year old(not Randy)
would in the third. He could not have been that gassed.

This is how I see it: Both fighters were begging Dana for a rematch before they even stepped out of the octagon. Tito knows that this anti-climatic draw means he just dropped several notches who's future in the UFC doesn't look so good. Nobody else to fight. No more fights to pick with anyone. Nothing for Tito to do but to fade away.

This was Rashad's chance to prove himself against a former dominating UFC champion. He was unspectacular. Now his near-term future seems bleak as well. He doesn't want to go back down and fight TUF losers, he wants to keep moving forward.

Both realized that they've only got eachother at this point so they desperately beg for another rematch. Either one will kick the other's ass or both will be done.