Ray Steinbiess Vs Nick Diaz MAY 12

Just wanted to wish Ray "The Clown Prince of MMA" Steinbiess good luck against Nick Diaz. Ray is 8-0 in MMA and has a win over rising sensation Hector Munoz. Nick Diaz is a superstar who never fights a chump...what are your guys thoughts on the fight?

may 12th in stockton CA is going to be the sight of this war!!!

I support El Payaso

what are the rules of this event?

& how many rounds, cage or ring?

Ray call me B


shoot me an email...

I lost my phone...and can't find your number.


Good luck Ray, me and Cole are pullin for ya bro!

Good luck Ray, kick some ass.



I approve this fight!

Diaz is fighting again? Snorefest.

is this fight gonna be televised?

if so can someone capture it and slam it online please we definately wont get to see it live in the uk =[

anybody got a full card?

Roots for 4160!

Well we will see if I can outbox Diaz, if not I am going to get my ass whipped. Either way it will be a great test for me and hopefully a all out war.

Tim Mckenzie is on the card, and I also heard Randy Spence, and Boa Quatch (spelling) should be a great card.

Ray, If Diaz shakes his hands out high and wide (mocking, as always), pretime him with a straight knuckle sandwich!Dont be intimidated by his ufc experience,he is good but obviously beatable!

I don`t know what the full card looks like but,I can tell you that Randy Spence will not be fighting,and Nathan Diaz who was scheduled to fight will not be fighting.


I take Ray Steinbeiss by all out war. Nick is a badass but Ray is a Beast at 170.

Ray is a Bad Man.

Also Tim Mckenzie will be another fight to watch that night, his standup is getting scary.

I agree Diaz is a badass. He has fought nothing but top comp. lately and fears nobody.

However I do think an upset is in the making next weekend.