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Someone should hook him up with a pro fight. He has nothing more to prove by fighting as an amatuer.

Perhaps, but there are fewer fights as a pro lately...

Glad you chimed in, lkfmdc.

Serious question for you. Couple years ago, it seemed like San Da was growing, but lately it seems to be leveling off... almost stagnating. Do you really think that pro San Da will ever really an option for the many amatuers to look forward to?

Outside of going to China.


With Brad's San Da and Judo experience, I think he should give mma a shot - if he wants to keep up the grind of training and fighting.  There is not alot of option for him in am or pro dan da - small pool of fighters.

Steve: I actually started in MMA before I tried Sanda. Everyonce in awhile I consider trying it again but my real love is in Sanda. I haven't worked on my ground in years so it would take some adjusting.

Yuki: Thanks, when I first went to read this thread I figured it was going to be some crazy picture. lol

I don't currently have any plans in fighting but know for sure I'm not done. Thinking about what I dealt with at Peter Rogers joke of a promotion continues to fire me up. The only thing I know for sure is I won't be fighting at the Arnold this year. I've won it the last 4 years and think it is time for someone else to get that experience. Hopefully, I'll be bring a fighter or two.

Get the man some loot!

Sorry, but I really have to say, when I see people say stuff about San Da stagnant or not having fighters, etc, for whatever their reasons, those people are WRONG

Our events just get bigger, there are more of them, we've gotten some high profile venues and sponsors interested. New fighters are trying San Da all the time ---> I just got a large group submission for December

Pro San Da has been sidelined for one reason, the athletic commissions, and the renegade underground MMA people in my state are just making things harder... but it is a temporary problem, as you will soon see

but it is a temporary problem, as you will soon see

I hope !

     I hope !

          I hope !


Of course san da is not dead and yes there are more and more interested parties every day.  However, it is a small field compared to MT for example - to suggest otherwise is crazy.  The number of MT gyms is huge compared to san da. It's not like people are wishing san da will die, there just needs to be more people - for the good of the sport. This will take time and people need to feel that they will get something from it by competing in it.  I mean seriously, how many san da fight cards are there compared to MT - the numbers don't lie.  Same with sambo as compared to BJJ.  It is small in numbers - not dead, but small with more interested people every day.  Will they keep growing is the big question. If more fight cards around the US would include san da (an sambo for that matter), it would grow for sure. But until that happens, it will stay small - exciting, but small.

As far as Brad goes, like he said, why do the Arnolds again? Even if the event was run smoothly, he needs to broaden his horizons and take fights that are worth his while. Let the up and coming guys get some ring time.

SamboSteve: Well, I always thought Scott did a good job running the Sanda. The other things going on interfered alot but always had fun overall. I've decided not to fight there again because I don't think I'll be helping out the younger fighters. After winning it several years I think I've more then proven myself. Now someone else can setup win it and help build their confidence and experience as a fighter.

I mean no offense to Scott, I never participated in it myself, only heard lots of criticism about how it ran.  Watching it last year, it seemed OK, just lots of interruptions from the other stuff going on.

Pro San Da has been sidelined for one reason, the athletic commissions, and the renegade underground MMA people in my state are just making things harder... but it is a temporary problem, as you will soon see

Tough situation for the fighters. At least MMA fighters have a chance at a paycheck. Hope you're right about it being 'temporary'.

Wonder if Cung would fight Brad?

The other question is..."Would Brad fight Cung?"

I personally think that Brad should get a good solid pro record and experience before fighting Cung if he were even interested.  Problem is - there are no pros for him to fight to get that record and experience. Otherwise it would be like taking a top golden gloves champ and putting him in with a pro champion on his first pro fight - not too smart.

"Would Brad fight Cung?"

Yes, I would fight Cung. However, I do think it would be risky jumping right to the top professional when I haven't fought any of the others. I think the best thing that could happen to me is for me to fight some of the guys Cung has beat and then see how I do.

One of the guys he beat lives here in Pittsburgh - Mohammed Laimin Keita. He just fought and got KOd by Kit Cope in April. Perhaps this is a potential starting point? Now to find a promoter to have San Da at the Pro level ;)

I was kinda joking when I posted that, but in all honesty, Cung and Brad would probably be a very good fight.

Brad, when you think about it, you're pretty much the poster boy for San Da right now. the only San Da fighter with a big name out there, possibly about to go pro, with a significant fan base, that has huge promise for putting the spotlight back on San Da. it's a pretty ugly scene sometimes, and I doubt there is anyone out there who isn't sympathetic to your point of view. but I will not be the first or last to say that the idea of you going pro and eventually facing off with Cung is potentially one of the most exciting things that could happen to kickboxing in general. but it also has to be the right thing for YOU.

How about Scott Sheely v Brad Burrick?

No offense to Scott, but Brad has fought some of his guys, and beaten them.


I'd fight Mohammed Laimin Keita or Scott Sheeley and I have nothing but respect for Scott.