Re-Watch Round 1

10-9 Penn.

Nothing near 10-8.

Penn was not exposed. he lost a very close split decision to a top 3. He also bloodied GSP very badly, while Penn has no marks on him.

He lost a very close fight

Thank you, Gov, was jsut about to make the same thread.

BJ didnt even convincingly win that round imo. He comes out hard in the beginning backing GSP up but for at a few exchanges at the most and in which he never hurts, drops, phases or even connects with any significant shots.

GSP didnt either but just to show that a 10-8 is only the opinion of an obesses BJ fan.

And why the fuck is everyone so impressed with blood? Was GSP even hurt with any of those shots that "bloodied" him up? Did you even notice those shots until after you reaized GSP was bleeding?

BJ impressed the hell outta me in that first round, i thought GSP was fucked for sure.

But thankfully GSP's athleticism was superior

Penn only landed two significant shots: 1. the 'eye poke' and 2. the
uppercut that clipped GSP's nose. 10-8 my ass.

VERY CLOSE FIGHT. But the correct scoring under UFC rules IMO.

lol, there are nutthuggers and there are haters. You guys are haters.

"Penn didn't do shit. He's been exposed. Overrated. Can't handle the 170 class."

Um, Penn walked in what the UG considers as the most destructive force at 170. A guy who was going to DESTROY Penn. And Penn busted him up.

"Penn landed 35 strikes.GSP landed 33 strikes"

Penn literally broke GSP's face with those strikes, and GSP didn't even scratch BJ as he rolled with all of them.

"10-9, nice eye poke from penn though"

Before this "eyepoke" bullshit goes any further, I want to see video proof. I recorded the whole thing directly to my DVD recorder and I rewatched it from every angle frame by frame. GSP gets nailed right on the eye stepping into one of BJ's jabs (closed fist, no thumb).

GSP walked into MANY of BJ's hard jabs. BJ has his timing down. This is why GSP, who is so fast, so powerful, got outpunched. I had already posted days ago laughing at people who were saying GSP was faster than BJ. You don't understand what speed is.

Like I said, let's see eyepoke proof otherwise, you're just a rumor spreading asshole.

"Do you understand the meaning of literally? He scratched BJs face with his thumbnail. Never broke anything on his face. And he has guys like you sucking his dick thinking it meant anything."

First of all, the only one doing any Brokeback Mountain cocksucking here is you. I have video proof there was no thumb. What have you got? Penn LITERALLY broke GSP's nose. Last I checked that's part of the face. He also opened other parts of his face.

"He poked me in the eye - GSP"

I'm sure when he got cracked on the eye, that's what he may have believed. In a fight you aren't always clear on exactly what is happening or has happened. He got punched right in the socket and tore the thin skin under the eye. He got hit there repetedly.

GSP could see and his eye didn't turn red.

Everytime Penn's gloves touched GSP's face, it got redder and bloodier. By the first half dozen jabs his nose was already bleeding heavy, and he hadn't even had it broken yet.

I actually have BJ Penn winning the first round 10:-4. GSP won the second and third 10-9. Therefore, BJ won the fight 28-16.

I agree that GSP may not have been poked but imo is was a situation similar to Randy/Vitor 2.

The most telling thing about that situation is that GSP was never rocked or hurt by the punch or whatever that BJ threw at him but that the eye did get cut up in precarious way.

After that, BJ hit him there a few times at best and nothing that rocked or phased GSP.

"don't mind diego...he's just trying to do some desperate spin/damage control for proclaiming that bj couldn't hang w/gsp in the standup"

Its clear that GSP didnt dominate BJ at all in the standup and that BJ did well, as i knew he would but BJ looked good for only about 2 minutes of the first round at best and even when GSP's eye was fucked up, he couldnt take advantage.

GSP kept moving, throwing, and fighting while BJ just seem to fold, honestly, even before the first round ended.

I honestly believe that it was GSP's riddum in part like it is with all his fights. GSP movement on his feet is just that good that opponents cannot get their own momentum going.

BJ came out hard off the first bell but you cant win fights for just coming out aggressive for the first 2 minutes of a 15 minute fight.....IMHO.

lol @ "fluke" and lol @ you! You need to take off your GSP colored glasses and rewatch the fight.

Most here defending Penn (including myself), were saying it was a pick-um fight. I had no idea who was going to win. I was suprised to see Penn walking into GSP, BACKING him up! I thought, "So much for de riddum".

And that's basically what happened. GSP got taken out of his gameplan and rythm and got busted up. But fortunately for him, Penn stopped initiating.

"Most here defending Penn (including myself), were saying it was a pick-um fight"

Most knowledgable fans, yes (myself included aswell).

"I was suprised to see Penn walking into GSP, BACKING him up! I thought, "So much for de riddum"."

I was surprised too, unfortunately, BJ only did that for 2 minutes at best in a 15 minute fight. The rest had the riddum out working the beach-side pineapple cocktail, imho.

It was 10-9 for Penn, IMHO.

Forget about the thumb, blood vs no blood or any other UG BS idea of how to score a round.

With no knockdown, nobody getting rocked, no constant domination on the ground, the round HAS to be 10/9

There is NO way two fighters can stand and trade for a round, without it being a 10/9 round, unless it is a complete and total one sided domination.

"Penn was not exposed. he lost a very close split decision to a top 3. He also bloodied GSP very badly, while Penn has no marks on him.
He lost a very close fight"

That is exactly what happened. The decision was right but it was a very close fight.

BJ's jabs looked great in the first few minutes. After GSP got used to them and started to kick more and started to score takedowns the fight changed. It was still very close though.
Great fight by two of the worlds best. No one was owned at any point of the fight. GSP got cut worse but that's not relevant unless the fight is stopped because of it.
I would like to see them go again. Perhaps if GSP is able to beat Hughes we can see a 5 rounder between these two.

Not to BJ fans, evidently...

Even if BJ kept up his pace of the first minute and half, it still would have only been a 10-9.

That round was closer to a 10-10 than a 10-8.

goku - do you score that first round 10-8?

"gsp was getting lit up dude."

Goku, he wasnt.

I haven't read all the threads, and don't know who is claiming a 10-8. I believe it was 10-9 as it was. I think it was a fantastic close fight, and only wish BJ's mind remained focused so it could have been an even more exciting fight.

That said, RussT is correct. I've been saying for months now, regardless of who wins, we are going to have the greatest round-robins of fights and rematches at 170 ever seen...if BJ decides to stay, and be a fighter...that fights. He should spend at least a year or so fighting everyone in the 170, building his repetoire of performances against a great division, and THEN, think about going open class and fighting personally selected fighters that intrigue him.

Well, English is my first language and GSP was not getting "lit up" at all.

I define "lit up" as what Chuck, Vanderlei, CC, Fedor, Gomi, etc do to their oppoenents.

BJ just backed GSP off a few exchanges early in that round. He did not drop, hurt, stagger, stun, phase GSP even once.