Rear naked chokes in NHB

why do so many nhb fighters do a rear naked choke like this (one hand on the top of the head)?

wouldn't he get much more leverage if he pressed his knuckles against the back of his opponent's head?

Pic doesn't work.

You had great plans for this thread, didn't you?

Ideally, you want to press on the back of their head.

It could be that they can't get their hand back there, or they are on the way to putting their hand there when the pic was taken.

The tightness of the choke has nothing to do with your legs or butt. Lol!

You only use them to control your opponent.

I could put an RNC on you while you were sitting in a chair in front of me. I don't need to put my legs on you at all to make you pass out. My legs would only be there to keep you from wriggling away from me and escaping the choke.

The choke works by pressing both sides of the neck, on the carotid arteries. As long as my arm is around your neck, squeezing, the blood to your brain will be cut off. By pressing on the back of your head, the choke becomes a lot tighter, pressing against the carotids harder, and cutting off the blood flow more completely.

You do not need to stretch them out. Shawn C is correct. Pull them in tight to you, squeeze their neck, breathe deeply and use your back muscles.

Check out Rickson's Japan VT fights. When he chokes his opponents (which is pretty much every fight) he has gloves on, and he has his fist behind the head, with the back of his hand against the back of the skull. That's the way I prefer, it doesn't allow your opponent to peel your hand away.


RNC's in NHB with gloves and hand wraps on are about 100 times more difficult to get and apply properly.

I rolled with MMA gloves on and pulled off a RNC once. I could barely get my hand behind the head. Good thing my monster arm sunk in the choke for me. I plan on practicing the RNC some more with the gloves on just so i can get the hand placement where i like it.

Without gloves on, I usually have my knuckles of my back hand placed at about where the brain stem is a la Bolo's instruction. As JRockwell said, it prevents the peel away.

My understanding is that the hooks are in to keep him close and from running away. The RNC is also effective if you are able to triangle your legs around the torso. When triangling the torso, the leverage you talk about is impossible to achieve.

Just my $0.02

I do mine by squeezing my elbows inward.

Look at Royce's RNC on Gordeau and Ron van Clief and you'll see no arching of the back.

This is the exact way I do the Rear Naked Choke. Bolo style!!

to do the rnc you bring your elbows together. It is not a choke on the the front of the throat its on the sides of the neck. Therefore you dont need to arch your back to finish the choke. 3-5 seconds and lights out if applied properly. Hooks are nice but not necessary.

coffee: i have put people completely asleep in 3-5 seconds many times. Your welcome to disagree but you would be wrong. I'm not a magician I just use proper technique.

Now to say that hooks give more leverage to the choke is completely correct. You should always try to have hooks. That said, they are not necessary.


I'll try the hook-stretch back-arching thing you are talking about. I'm sure it'll work out much better on some of the more stubborn guys I roll with.

As far as the link goes, I just wanted to illustrate the lack of hooks to sink in the choke.

...but the opponent is resisting, the legs create an overkill situation, i do it just to make sure.
sure you can choke him with just your ams but the whole point of jiu-jitsu is to use all of your strongest weapons together, against the smallest target.
forget the hooks, triangle the body and "choke crush his waist" while you arch and do the whole choke properly, shoulders back and squeeze with everything you got until his head pops off and rolls out of the ring... they usually tap before that happens though