Recommend some running shoes

I'm going to take up running as exercise to supplement BJJ
training. Other than running around the mats before class, I
haven't done any running since high school sports (more than 10
years ago). Can anyone recommend some good running shoes for
me, that will have good good cushioning? I took a look around in
Footlocker and felt a little bewildered by all the choices (Nike Air,
Shox, etc).


I would suggest going to a specialty running store and trying
on shoes there. All of the top brands (Nike, Asics, New
Balance, Mizuno..) have good cushioning, but they all fit
differently. The guys who work in those stores can also tell
you if you pronate or supinate, and help you figure out what
kind of shoes to get based on your body weight and on what
kind of running you'll be doing.

New Balance's are best for my feet

I'll check out a running shop. For what it's worth, I have relatively
narrow feet.

I just got some saucony's and they are awesome.

Saucony's are excellent. But ifidieidie is 100% correct. If you're going to take up running seriously, its worth it to get the right shoes for how you walk. They'll watch you walk, and give you a variety to choose from. Just pick what you like the best out of those. Your knees will thank you.

Saucony's are the best goddamn running shoes I have ever run in, and cost half as much as the ones I previously ran in that have either fallen apart or fucked up my feet or ankles after a while, and I have gone through them all, Nike, Reebok, Asics, NB, etc.

Bubba, I have also returned to running and have found that I love it!

different shoes for different folks. ex - I have no arches and needed motion control.

Runner's world is a good resource about information. their website has great info

I was told that new balance is great. I'd go try on a couple pairs, and spend a 1/2 hour trying them on. This decision is a major one, spend some time with it.

If no one has said it, stay away from Nike. They are overpriced junk.

I run in a pair of Mizuno. They are the only shoes that have controled my messed up pronation.

I know several runners who like nike... I've got several pair of Pegasus model running shoes that always felt great.

I have had very bad runs with nike. They seem to bounce back instead of cushion when my foot contacts the ground, making my ankles and shins very sore. This problem went away within three runs with Mizuno shoes.

They fall apart much faster than any other shoe I have owned.

Sandy, I read an article that had said that the "air" system of cushioning may not be so good because it may actually cause more instability in the landing, which to me it sounds like what you are describing..

could shoes cause shin splints??? and what causes shin splints??? i have just started running again, and my shins are killing me, i run in nike's...anyone have any recommendations on what i can do...and also if i got to a runners store for shoes can they help me??? can shin splints be eased with better shoes???

Runner's World homepageInjury infoShoe info

Fighter2299, shoes play a huge role in shin splints. I would get shin splints so bad when I had Nikes. I couldn't even touch my lower shin with my fingers without pain. I switched to mizuno sability shoes in 2002. Within a week my shins were healed and I was kicking ass on my runs. I am on my second pair of mizuno and I am loving them. I ran 5k to work today without any problem.

I also bought some New Balance this last fall for trail running. The inner heal wore out within a month. That was due to a poor fit. The motion control was pretty good with them though.

Bull, I guess Nike would be ok if you had a perfect gait, I don't. I need some pronation control.

thanks for the info!!! i was hoping that getting shoes that fit to my type of foot would help because this pain is incredible, and i have only ran 4 times in the last 10 of the days was a real hard run where steps and hills were involved, so i think that may have played a role in it, along with the fact it was a longer run...but thanks for the info!!!

also, do hills and steps play a roll in shin splints???

thanks in advance

They say running down hill is harder on your body than uphill.

I wear Brooks Beast. My arch goes right to the floor when I stand up. I just bought a new pair today. I tried on the New Balance 1122 but it didn't feel as supportive as the Beast. And the Beast is $20 cheaper. My feet are so bad that before I found the Beast I couldn't get past a 1/2 mile before I had to stop. Now even with the Beast and custom made arch supports I can't get past a mile!

I just looked at my shoes and I appear to be wearing Nike. They always worked well for me, but I have very small feet with high arches.