Reducing spare tyre ASAP

Hi guys, sorry if this is an FAQ.

I am genetically predisposed to lay down fat on my kidneys a lot more than anywhere else, as I'm out of shape at the moment I have a lot of kidney fat and a bit of a Chuck-style gut. This is bothering me both for aesthetic reasons and because it substantially reduces my flexibility. I want to get back into decent cardio shape to resume MMA training within a few weeks and shed as much of that 'spare tyre' as possible.

I've used low carb before and lost a lot around the middle that way very quickly, but from my experience it's not really possible to work out at an acceptable level to get into training shape whilst doing that.

What are my best options here guys? TIA for any help.

Eat clean and do some exercise.

The sooner you do exercise the sooner you will get some good cardio/ weights in.

Chuck out junk food, sodas, chocolates etc.  YOU know these are bad.  And don't go too crazy with bread.  Bread here and THERE is fine IF YOU ARE TRAINING.


Bread is the devil's brother

I'd recommend eating no/little bread/sugar. Train hard. And start as soon as possible. What I mean by that is do it now! If you have an hour coming up w/ nothing to do, go for a run/jog/walk. Procrastination is killer for fitness.

I have the same prob bro..I have very little fat everywhere on my body except for my stomach.. it runs in male genetics to have abdominal fat while women have fat more proportionatly thruout thier bodies

dude EVERY guy has fat on their stomach.  You just have to work at it if you want a flat 'ripped' 6 pack.  Good ab exercise will greatly aid this if you wish a 6 pack.

But yeah refine the diet and just train (cardio and or weights)


Thanks for the help guys. It sounds like it's just a 'go train, eat well' kind of scenario, which is cool. I'll definitely avoid starchy carbs, I have the Team Quest manual so I may try the diet in there - it's hard though, I tried it once before and only managed it for a few days.

I had a good day today, went to the gym and did some light weights and a lot of cardio, then went for a hike and covered over 10 miles... I wish I had time to make every day like that.

About my fat disposition - it's really heavily concentrated around the kidneys, much moreso than the gut. Right now I have a bit of a gut because it's gotten really bad, but seriously I can be like 8% BF over 90% of my body and still have serious love handles. I guess it's just genetic though, my dad has it the same.

I'm the same way, I put on fat JUST on my stomach. You gotta keep burning it off until there is barely any left. Try not to eat a bunch of food right before you go to bed.