"Ref Costs Franca? - Pictures

We acknowledge that reffing a fight is a difficult task and don't want to come off as crybabies trying to blame a loss on someone other than ourselves. We do, however, want everyone to see what happened in the third round of the Franca/Thomson fight and let you draw your own conclusions.Josh rolls over after a series of hard punches following the knockdown, prompting the ref to jump in.

that pic really doesnt show much....

u cant see if Larry is touching Hermes or not

looks like somebody got the video.

This was such a tough few seconds to call. I'd forgotten Thomson had rolled over at one point.

Landless is bad for the sport.

the rest of the pics are coming. just give Puma a few minutes

Hermes trying to finish with a right hand as the ref's hand is pushing down on his shoulder.

What a bunch of bullcrap. Hermes is still the man.

continued....more to follow....

Either BJM or Landless have to have one huge, fight altering screwup in at least every UFC or it isn't a real UFC.

That is ridiculous.

This UFC better have been Landless's last.

Lol! That's a little more than "touching his shoulder".

You should protest that decision and get a "no contest". From the pics, it looks like Hermes would've finished Thomson, no problem.

The punch is deflected by the ref leaning on Hermes'shoulder and narrowly misses its target.The missed punch gives the split second Josh needs to secure a safer position and avoid further damage. The ref sees Josh has recovered and lets the fight resume.We don't think its proper for a ref to place his hands on a fighter or step in a fighter close to a finishing his opponent unless he is in fact stopping the fight.We are stopping short of saying Hermes would have finished Josh had the ref not interfered. The pictures speak for themselves. You decide.American Top Team

Ouch!!! Hermes has a very legitimate beef. Josh is not protecting himself at all and Landless jumped in and held Hermes off of him. This fight should be awarded to Hermes. I like Josh but he gave up....

At a minimum, the fight should be a "no contest" due to Landless.

Hermes and ATT have a legit beef with the ruling and should appeal to the NSAC.

I recall that the action was moving very fast and Larry was scrambling to quickly get out of the way while still maintaining good visibility. Larry should not have touched Hermes but Hermes should not have let up. Hermes is a terrific sport. he was in good spirits after the decision and was very friendly at the after party. Hermes will be back and will KTFO of his next opponent.

UFC 46 = Landless On Ice


F.....ing asshole, the fight should of been given to Hermes regardless, he won rounds 2 and 3 for sure and round one was very close. I notice that the Ref got on the way when I was there but now with the pictures you can see how bad it really was, they should loose this jerk once and for all.

Landless needs to go the way of Mason White.

If he jumped in like that he should off stoped the fight period. You can stop a fighter from finishing a opponent and then say "ok, keep it going" what kind of crap is that!!!
They should appeal that one for sure.