remember when tito fought royce gracie? (FRAT)

 yea me neither. i have to tell this story but its kinda long.

so this guy i work with hates all sports except he claims to like "ufc". not mma mind you ufc. i never told him i watch except when he told me his favorite fighter was kimbo slice, i replied roy nelson bitch. after that we really dont talk about "ufc". anyway this weekend i was rushing everyone at closing telling them i needed to get off by 11 so i could see tito ortiz's last fight. he replied tito ortiz that old man? i hate him,i did win 100 bucks the time he fought royce gracie. i said huh and he proceeded to tell me the story of him at a party with all tito fans whem tito fought royce. he was the only royce fan and when he choked out tito he jumped up and said pay me bitches! then he said they all threw him in the pool. i didnt even call him out since he obviously is retarded. i did however tell him to hurry the fuck up or i would roy nelson him.

I hate casual fans. Being at the bar for 148 was horrible. Phone Post

 he meant matt hughes

 Royce didn't choke out Matt Hughes either.

DiscoNfrno -  Royce didn't choke out Matt Hughes either.

Haaa!! Phone Post

 Shortest FRAT EVA!

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DiscoNfrno -  Royce didn't choke out Matt Hughes either.

Haaa!! Phone Post

 nope he did not. and he knows tito cus he mentioned jenna jameson. hes just a tard!

2JupitersTooMany -  Shortest FRAT EVA!

 thx, felt like more

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Probably confused Tito with Ken through name association 

He probably confused Tito with 'Titties'. Phone Post

 no confusion just lies fella!

he only knows names and throws them out there cuc he thinks he is the only one watching!

his fav fighter is kimbo for chrissakes!

I once got into a heated argument with a dipshit who said he was a purple belt in jiu jitsu (he wasn't but thats another story) about UFC 100..

He believed UFC 100 Greatest Fights was the UFC 100 card...

UGCTT_I_Love_a_small_Johnson - Probably confused Tito with Ken through name association 

Hard to believe there'd be a room filled with shamrock fans. Phone Post

Cool story bro!

About 3 years ago, at a bar once TUF was playing and I made the mistake of looking up at the TV. This guy says to me "You watch UFC?" I already know what's coming so I say "Not really." To which he says "I've been watching it since the first once. The Gracie family and GJJ is the best. The entire family is undefeated. No one can beat them."

As many here can tell, I'm an asshole so I preceded to embarrass him in front of everyone by telling him that the Gracies aren't involved in the UFC any more, but have been fighting and I can't remember the last time I saw one of them win. Been years. You could see the wind go right of his sails. Laughriot.

Another time a Cumberland's Farm's clerk asked me about my hoodie (Chute Boxe) and started to tell me how he is a full time pro fighter....clearly oblivious to the fact that he is working at Cumberland's as he's telling me this. Keep in mind this kid looks EXACTLY like Jonah Hill. I tell him "TUF is in town (Boston), you should try out." thinking that would shut him up. Nope. He then tells me how he was about to head there for tryouts and was getting some sparring in. A wrestler shot on him and he kneed him so hard he knocked him out, and hurt his thigh in the process. He then told me "Luke Como" is lucky. I don't like him and was going to beat some ass."

So being the asshole, I laughed in his face and said "Well if you train full time, how come you don't have cauliflower ears?" Now, the answer to someone who doesn't have cauliflower ears, but REALLY trains is "I wear earguards." or an instant explanation, not a puzzled look. At this point, he looks at my ears, notices the cauliflower and realizes he's trying to pull a fast one on the wrong person. At which point I leave him my card for the gym, tell him he's welcome to come by for sparring when his knee gets better and walk out. 

Maybe Royce and KIMO? Phone Post

i don't get why people lie about those kind of things