Replenishing carbs?

I've heard lots of thing about when to eat carbs, not too close to bed, a few hours before a workout for energy, a few hours after a workout to replace the ones you burned, which is best? I generally work out after work and supper, around 7, and I go to bed as soon as I feel like my body's calmed down enough to get a good deep sleep. So I don't want put on fat from eating too many carbs before bed, but I don't want to burn up all my muscle because I don't have any carbs in my system, know what I mean? Thanks.

I'd say immediately after and within the first few hours postworkout would be most important. I'm really trying to clean my diet up now. I eat a bunch of fruit and cottage cheese for breakfast, then just protein & fat until I workout (either lifting, or grappling).. then after that I'll have a shake and one more carb meal.. Then protein and fat til I sleep.

I think its best to time your nutrients around your training.. so thats something to think about.

My experience tells me that the whole post work out carbs or post workout meal thing is a myth. My gains have been just as good when I eat carbs or a meal after a workout as when I don't. As long as you get enough calories in throughout the day I don't think it matters when or how you eat them. I have gained on one big meal a day and have also gained on 6 small ones.

Definately not a myth. Post-workout, there is a window of opportunity to restore your depleated glycogen reserves. Some say up to 1 hour after.

Do you believe everything the supplement salespeople tell you?

No. I eat real food.