Report: Spike has given up on UFC

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                                Report: Spike has given up on UFC

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A source at Spike, speaking on the condition of anonymity, indicated that the company has essentially abandoned any notion of a new deal with the UFC, since it believes the UFC is "very close to a deal with G4."

"They want their own channel, and this is an opportunity for their own channel," the source said.

As for the Spike counter programming moves, it's "pretty obvious why we're doing what we're doing," the source said, but it hasn't resulted in any animosity between UFC and Spike employees.

"We're all just doing our jobs," said the source.

But just because the UFC may be moving on, that doesn't mean Spike will be content to get out of the MMA business altogether. It has reportedly shown interest in a deal with Bellator, which currently airs on MTV2 and is thus, as the Spike source pointed out, already "in the Viacom family."

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G4? What the fuck is that aboot?

Why would a TV network have to bend over for a company?

The UFC NEEDS Spike.

A company isn't going to strong arm a TV network what it wants or doesn't want.

Bad business on Zuffa's part, not saying Dana because he's also just a cog in the wheel (a very big cog, but a part of the machine in the end).

Either way we win since this problably means that Spike will 'adopt' Bellator and begin to air them regularly now.

RickMartelsArrogance - 
KissMisery - 
The UFC NEEDS Spike.

No they don't.


Like the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA don't need ABC, CBS, ESPN?!

So they would just stream all of their content?

Please educate yourself. The UFC is not some self contained powerhouse that would be able to operate without a network.


I'm here for the annual "some other company is going to overtake the UFC" thread!

Did you read where I stated "The UFC is not some self contained powerhosue that would be able to operate without a network."?

Derp? OK, tough guy.

This is interesting though, more interesting than the other companies that have tried the UFC model and failed. Spike is what propelled the UFC to it's current situation so the people watching it for the UFC would just slide right into Bellator. Also, the other competing companies didn't have a good TV deal in place to really compete effectively, they were just throwing money around and that always ends up being a losing strategy.

I will be watching this with interest....

Hmmmmm......? Not sure what to think of this in the grand scheme of things. (searching for this G4 channel on DN now) Phone Post

donniejessup - damn, you are stupid. you said "ufc needs SPIKE" and then RMA said "no they don't", and then you lectured him because you are stupid. now, you are digging yourself in deeper.

obviously, they need TV, nobody is arguing that you dope.

Spike saved the UFC with The Ultimate Fighter reality series.

Spike and UFC are synonymous with one another.

No one was lecturing, dolt. Digging myself where? Chill out.

KissMisery - Did you read where I stated "The UFC is not some self contained powerhosue that would be able to operate without a network."?

Derp? OK, tough guy.

Did you read the original post? The story is about the UFC buying G4 and rebranding it their own network. The UFC isn't about to leave Spike without an alternative.

I cant wait to never watch spike tv ever again.

BUT G4 isn't on Directv, and if they dont work that out first that will suck it bigtime.

winner out of all this? Bellator!

I have seen G4 in my life. Will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Phone Post

They still haven't closed a deal to buy G4. Right now they are still negotiating.

Thing is, who is going to watch G4? Not everyone has access to it.

It's a calculated risk one that I don't know if the UFC is truly ready for.

Pretty risky move by the UFC

I like G4, its not a bad channel, they do a lot of video game programming and some movies late at night along with reruns of cheaters...which is shit.

I can see why they would buy G4 though, they aren't very big and the UFC could afford them...

I would love bellator on spike in hd. I am worried though bc my cable provider doesn't have g4 Phone Post