Damn Frankie is THE TOUGHEST dude in the UFC. I don't think you can even debate it. P4P #1 when it comes to heart.

I hope the UFC takes great care of Frank. He would absolutely murder Conor McGregor. I've never seen anyone with so much tenacity.

If you're a true fan of this sport you shall leave your thanks for Frank below.

That is all.

First post nailed it.

His list of opponents may be the toughest schedule ever.. Frankie is one of the best

Frankie's performance last night was the highlight of the event for me. He knew the path of least resistance and executed it perfectly. Frankie  Edgar is A very special fighter.

I doubted him. I was wrong.

Yeah, frankie is the man...all time great

Can anyone give an example of a fighter with more heart and resolve than Frankie in the UFC?

Frank's a legit GOAT

if it wasn't for aldo he'd for sure be in the goat discussion. 

My man. I hope Holloway can get by Aldo. I'd almost rather see Frankie challenge for the 135 belt. 


My favorite fighter of all time. Future HoF'er for sure.

Back to working at the Cantina truck as a tortilla maker for Yair.

Italian Top Team FTW.

I doubted Frankie too. I stand corrected.



All hail to Frankie!!!

Zuffa took care of their paisan. He's got a UFC gym in Jer-Zee 


Frankie mauled Yair

I wanna see what yair looks like today, because that was some serious damage he took.

kinda makes you realize just how good aldo is, to be able to handle frankies gameplanning, fight iq, etc. Frankie is an absolute beast.

would never bet against him.

Sorry I every doubted you Frankie I never will again. He bad destroy everyone not named Aldo. McGregor ran from their division for a reason and that's the answer.

I doubted Frankie in the first 2 BJ Penn fights, and in the 2 Gray Maynard fights - I've never doubted him after he KO'd Maynard in the 3rd fight. That guy is such a durable fighter, has more heart than any fighter I've seen before, comes back from adversity better than anyone...