results from Utah Sat night?

I thought there was supposed to be a card in Utah last night, 9/26? Team Quest's Dennis Davis was supposed to be on the card. I can't seem to find anything, anyone have results or info?


I heard that Davis won pretty quick with a triangle choke.

Who else was on the card?


I know that Brandon Melendez lost a decision to Scott Anderson(trains with Alex Steibling)

Jeremy Brown def. Brian Weiber by triangle choke

Garrett Barlow def Chris Hallet decision

Jake Paul def Stacy Kay by KO

Brandon Mckonkie def Marc(dont have a last name) by triangle choke

Dennis Davis def Donnie Raines by triangle choke first round.

Matt May def Pat Reeves 2rd TKO

Jack the Ripper Avery I guess came to weigh ins and didn't show up for his fight. Thats just too bad for him, probably had a great batch of meth cooking up so he couldn't leave it to be taken care of by his brothers.

Tyler Tomlinson def Ray Perales

Maafu Fosita def Nick Rosborough by arm lock.

I wasn't at the show so I am just going by what I was told.

Cool. Thanks for the info.

I've been out of touch with the local scene for a while. What's the word on Burkman/Ellison? Is this going to go down?

Does Rich have another event scheduled?

For Ray Elbe. Keep us posted.

Congrats Pirahna!


I wouldn't count on that happening. I don't think the people who run UCE post here. I'm pretty sure nobody on this thread is affiliated with UCE.

I have never seen a UCE guy get on here and post ever.

I'm surprised not to have seen any UCE guys here. Maybe its because half of them are just nothing-to-lose "tough guys" from west valley or who just got out of prison. Still, there are a lot of really good amateur fighters there.

I'm guess here, but I think what "C" and I are thinking is that we've never seen anyone that works for UCE here.

Or maybe we just don't recognize their screen names.


C Kiever, Mr. "All-American" What's going on!

Mike Stidham, the guy that runs the UCE, has no idea whatsoever how to even find this place. Mike is the only person with any ownership issues.

And how much can you hate a show that has been televised weekly for over 2 years now?

Their weekly shows may only bring in a couple of hundred ticketed viewers but they reportedly get 80-90 thousand viewers every Sunday night which makes it the most popular television show produced in Utah for a local audience (Actually, I think 90,000 beats th WB's Everwood which is produced up in Ogden). They also put 3-4 thousand buts in the seats when they hold their E-Center shows.

And according to Stidham, "everybody who registered last round fought last round." (The UCE follows a multi-week tournament format that culminates in a "championship" show a couple of times a year which I referred to above as "their E-Center" shows. Each tournament is referred to as a "round.")

My apologies to the locals (local to the SLC area)who will view the above as an over-explanation of the situation around here.

Scott Spain,

I don't think the Burkman/Ellison fight is going to happen.

I think you'll find very few people that really "hate" UCE. Is it perfect? Of course not. But nothing's perfect. People here complain about every UFC/Pride every time.

Anyone who hates an hour of MMA on free TV every week is a serious dweeb.

What's the deal with Burkman/Ellison? Is there a specific sticking point, or have the promoters not pursued it?

Its my understanding that Burkman just has other things going on.

Where do you see that one going?

Where would I see Burkman/Ellison going? Justin, with relative ease. Josh is a very atheletic young dude that has accomplished a lot in a relatively short period of time, but Justin just has way too much experience.

How 'bout you?


Burkman is going to be on the UFC show I heard they all most fought in a parking lot.