Rewatched Ninja v Arona

I gotta ask, how did Arona win? Especially when you factor in the yellow card? Arona would get the td and lay there, doing nothing. Ninja was punching and attempting reversals from the bottom.

I seriously have to ask has Arona fought anywhere and been exciting? He seems to be somewhat popular, did he fight in Rings and demonstrate awesome subs? Cause in Pride he is BORING.

taht match was awesome

Some of his fights in RINGS were pretty exciting.

His fight with Kanehara was cool as hell. He won by kneebar


I would have given the fight to Ninja as well.

Arona will beat Horn also. It would look like Horn vs. White, only Arona would be the one getting the takedowns.

I thought that was an exciting fight

Arona went for and was pretty close to getting a bunch
of submissions on Ninja...and he took him down like 7

Arona definately won, even with the yellow card

A bunch of subs, he had 1 front choke that was close. Aside from that he sat back for an ankle lock with 2 seconds left in the 1st rd. He had his back but didn't do shit with it.

Aron has gotten a lot of gift decisions imo. He also was beaten by Mezger and Hendo.

That was a great match!

In what way was this a great match? Maybe I'm not a true mma fan but to me once the fight hit the ground it was boring. Arona did nothing to try to end the fight.

I continue to watch Arona hoping that he will be submitted, or KO'd

I think Arona won because of the third round. Ninja was overly aggressive in that fight and that was what cause him to lose, as Arona was working on Ninja's aggressiveness to take him down.

On a side note, is tough to know exactly how much a yellow card counts or not on the score cards, as sometimes they seem to change a whole outcome and sometimes not.

"I continue to watch Arona hoping that he will be submitted, or KO'd"

When you fight like he does you are going to basically get two types of fans. Ones who love your "get the W whatever way you can" style or those like the quote above.

Arona has beaten Horn two times already, i don't think there is any need for a third fight

Ninja was in no danger from the achilles lock.

Funny, I have a scoring system that I use myself when rewatching old fights, and this is the only one that ever came out a tie.

what about the boot to the face in the third round

Arona does not deserve a title shot.

He needs to go for subs and learn a lot better stand up, or stick to Abu Dabi.

I saw it and Arona was his boring self although Ninja did make him work hard to stay busy and not just control the fight with positioning. Ninja did OK but the people who say he won are the same ones who give points for attempting subs and not landing them. That is the problem with the way they score a fight and Pride`s jackass scoring system.

the first two minutes of their fight rocked