Ricco is scared of Mir

Thats why he ran his head like that. The only reason he dont want to go to the ground with him is cause he knows that Mirs explosive ground game has his number. The people he named Mir would have to beat were all guys he would lose to now. Tito was scared so he ran his mouth. It just aint right. Mir always said good stuff about Ricco. Its just Ricco saying screw what the fans want. I mean he dogged Pete Williams. The man he gave props to when he beat him. This fight could go either way but Mir is staying more active just like Chuck did so his chances improve every fight. I used to be a big fan of Riccos. Didnt he used to train with the Machados. I wander what they think of his statements. just an opinion.

Ricco would kill Mir.

Minotauro has much better subs for MMA than Mir and he couldn't do anything with Ricco.

Standing, Ricco would kill him

Wrestling, Mir can't take Ricco down

Ground, Mir can't submit Ricco

Ricco by anything he wants.

ricco might be the most underrated fighter in MMA

maybe, that dont change that he is scared. styles make fights.

at one time thought he had the skills to be the best.

ricco is a jackass BUT hes a panAm and adcc, UFC CHAMP and PRIDE vet. Mir is overrated and would get ktfo

I usually don't comment on this type of dribble, but what the hell, I'm bored.


You seem to be a mental midget so you may not understand this, but he's a UFC fighter that has been in the ring with the likes of Randy Couture, etc... I highly doubt that he is "scared" of anybody.


How can a former heavyweight champion of the world possibly be underated? He's hardly a sleeper that nobody has heard of.

I personally think this would be a good fight and I'd have to give the edge to Ricco due to Mir's questionable cardio.


i didnt mean to make it sound like i hate ricco. but he hasnt proven anything to me in mma. randy was tearing him up. its like he abandoned his jj skills when he went to train with tito. i think right now mir could beat rizzo. ricco shouldve.

lol at the mental midgit comment. im a dwarf.


Glad to see you have a sense of humor. Take care and train hard.

Ricco submits Mir inside 1 round

i did forget about mirs cardio.

Grappling, I'm surprised Frank got beaten 15-2 by Roy Nelson. I can't see Ricco losing that way.

PLus, Ricco has cred, and accomplishments. He's beaten better guys than Mir.

i think mir's standup is better than ricco's, mir's standup looks hald decent (apart from freeman fight)

problem is that ricco doesnt gas while mir does and thats where ricco would beat him

I don't get the whole mir is cocky talk that goes around, i've never seen mir spout off and trash talk every fighter thats fresh in the minds of the fans.

It seems ricco has taken a turn for the worse and tried to play up to the suave image and play the 'heel' so to speak.

LOL@the title of this thread!

""How can a former heavyweight champion of the world possibly be underated? He's hardly a sleeper that nobody has heard of."

never said he was unknown, just underrated... there is a major difference.

burrito- your really a midget... whats that like?

Ricco is underrated, but its mainly because of his apperance.

Ricco would destroy Mir. EASILY.

Ricco could also be top 3 if he wanted to be, but he would never beat someone like Cro Cop or Fedor he doesn't have the chin.