Rickson in Sambo Competition


if this is sambo, i am a train. what a joke. LOL

the guys that participate in that look like they can't walk properly, let alone grapple.

Too bad nobody seems to be able to find the vid of when Rickson lost ;)

"Rickson probably just heard there was a Sambo grappling event, and just showed up."

Excatly. I think Rickson had just moved to USA or something.

In any case the first opponent is pretty much unknown ("nobody") but the second person is originally from Russia and pretty good at Sambo. Does not really look like that bu the again he is grappling (and by that time everyone in the tournament had figured out that it is not wise to go ground with this Rickson guy) Rickson and some times really good grapplers can look like they never did any grappling when competing against much opponent.

One of my friends is very good Judoka. He has done well in national competitions and placed pretty well in few European ones (international comps.) and he looked like absolutely newbie when I saw him go against top European guy from his weight class.


in any reputable tournament, like the president's cup in russia that just went last month, Rickson would get eaten up in seconds, now or in is prime.

The guy has no stance, no gripping, no standing style at all, no throws, no takedowns, no explosiveness, compared to guys in his weight class say in Georgia or Russia in the national team in Sambo.

gosh, if everyone knows that the only thing he can do ok is ground work, he'd get obliterated in seconds.

there was a Georgian guy in this president's cup at 90kg that threw the Russian 3 times so hard on his head, I thought his neck would break. Rickson would be like toy to throw around. Once someone like that (read say Mindia Bodiavali from Georgia now at 90kg) gets a hold of him, that may be the end (and not only of the match). LOL at trying to do this lame shots on anyone half-alive.

And excuses keep rolling in.....

you just cant accept that in the sambo and judo circles of the world that the top guys in bjj can't win.

hell, that's like me being upset that the best judoka cant win in skiing.

this thread is both stupid and pointless

"hell, that's like me being upset that the best judoka cant win in skiing."

or in Jiu-Jitsu.

Just a question for the BJJers or anyone who knows, why don't the top BJJ players compete in judo on an international level? thanks,

in an A-level tournament, if Rickson makes it without injuries, that would be considered a win. he can even go to a weight class 20lbs lower and it wouldn't make a difference.

"I would argue, that a Judoka would have an easier time getting the BJJ Worlds as the pool is so much smaller."

Then again what does depth of the talent pool have to do with the art itself? It really does not tell anything about the art itself. It just means there are more people praticing Judo and that from that bigger mass you get better athlethes. Now for the sake of argument onse should assume BJJ to have the excat same talent pool (which it does not have and not even close).

Whatever your weakness, quit blaming the sport..train like men..to the finish.

yeah he trained judo with george mehdi

Rickson never trained judo with Mehdi. That specific question was asked in an old interview.

Rickson said something along the lines that he would have wished to but could not because... well he is Rickson Gracie... and has responsibilities as family champion so he could not go and train with just anyone he wanted to.

Some of his brothers did train Judo with mehdi a little bit but then there was some grudge when Mehdis students left Mehdi in order to train with Gracies and Mehdi never forget that...


m.g., my source is 5th degree bjj blackbelt and Mehdi blackbelt Sylvio Behring..

As for your revisionist history on why Mehdi did not like the Gracies....From what I have been told he did not dislike the Gracies (he did dislike Helio), he disliked the way they acted when they learned judo..Thuggery, street fighting, lying and bragging..This is the type of thing a Judoka can not tolerate and consider himself a judoka..Judo is supposed to make you a better person, not a thug, liar or bragger..

Granted,IMO it was a great marketing for bjj to be that way, but then most people like bad guys..Its like how al capone is a legend.

Train Judo,

I wasn't refering to you but rather Unique. I know that Sylvio Behring stated Rickson trained at Mehdi's. He stated this in one of the Global Training Report articles. So I don't doubt what you say.

BUT Unique "claimed" Rickson stated in an interview that he never trained with Mehdi and my comment concerning sources was directed towards Unique.

I figured but wanted people to know where I got my info too.