Rigan Machado vs. Rickson Gracie (Rigan speaks)

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ricksongjj - Rickson said he chocked him out but I dont think it was an actual match.I think he called it a demonstration.That was the rematch

CAN someone confirm whether they fought once or twice ? And if they did fight twice how did rickson win?


just goes on to show how badass Rickson was....

That was awesome. VU man.

Rigan had me in side control once, just side control... I tapped from the pressure.

Ringworm74 - How about carlos? I know he really good but any good stories on carlos machado Phone Post 3.0

At John Machado's second school on Wilshire in the early 2000s, Carlos came by. Very nice, even gentlemanly I'd say. Smallest of the brothers, but a bad ass nonetheless. Heard he was known for his Kimura. Dang it, if he didn't go through about 12 of us back-to- back, tapping us all with Kimuras from every conceivable angle.

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is it a fight or a match? i would consider it should be called a match. but since in their first encounter, Rigan did drop rickson pretty hard on his back but aiming for his head on the ground though. so maybe it's a fight then.

it would of been weird if the ref saw the back slam ko of Rickson and stopped the fight right there.




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