Ringworm is driving me nuts

Can't get rid of this ringworm between my fingers.  Lamisil is not helping even after more than a week of regular use and I'm going out of town for a week so a Doctor's appointment will have to wait. 

My question: will scratching the shit out of it/steel wool and then neosporin help or hurt this in the long run?

Are you washing your hands before you put the Lamisil on? Maybe use hand sanitizer that is alcohol based then apply the lamisil.

I'd say 2/3 of time I'm washing hands first.  I apply it everytime I wash my hands or it starts to itch.

There are some home remedies that might work if you don't have access to a Doc in the next few days. Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil, Rubbing Alcohol, bleach, etc. Or try another brand of anti-fungal cream.

Ringworm on your nuts!?  Good luck with that.

Clear Nail Polish - it smothers the fungus. Yes it works

Billy - "Why do you have a steering wheel on your belt buckle Captain?

Captain -"Because its driving me nuts, Har Har Har Har"

Bleach lightly then try another brand of Jock Itch formula, the spray always worked best for me. Micatin.


Mine took forever to go away and it was on a spot where I had easy access to put cream and bandages (elbow)...takes so long for no reason, haha.

get boom tough actin tanactin works for me

scratching it up may spread it a bit and end up taking longer to heal

thats done when you're trying to make it look like something else (ie. for tournaments/comps etc)

stick with the lamisil (IMO)

I used athlete's foot spray for when it got itchy

Clear nail polish really work? Seems like it could...

Will try using some more harsh cleansers like hand sanitizers, diluted bleach and then keep on with the Lamisil. Throw some foot spray on it too for the itching - tried that weeks ago but didn't help it heal any (obviously)

 i think the official UG answer is "Take a shower you dirty fuck"

Haha I'm an extremely clean person. I got this after using someone else's gloves for a bout about 5 weeks ago.

go to the doc and get the pills

topicals never worked for me

get something over the counter or prescribed by a doctor. The active ingredients should end with ....azole. Example: Ketacenazole. Continue to use it for almost a month after it disappears.

Go find a walnut tree, pick up a walnut that has fallen on the ground. Take the husk, and press the inside of it against the ringworm. It will have a dark yellow to brown color. Do this several times for a few days. It is very effective. I had one on my collar bone, and it worked. Nothing else did. My Dad told me to do this, and I couldn't believe it. I finally did, after everything else failed. NO BS. Very cheap. What do you have to lose besides a ringworm?

 Jason Tea tree oil soap

all you guys are WAYY off base.

Just pee on it. Urine kills tinea.

^ I tried everything... even bleach... had it for like 5 months and tried all the remedies listed here(excpet for the walnut thing)before I tried the pills

one week after the pills and I was clear