Rio gets Olympics=BJJ to games?

 Judo has nearly 200 countries with NGB's divided into 5 continental unions under the direction of one International Federation. All 200 countries, the CU's and the IJF comply with the Olympic Charter and the bylaws of the IOC.

TKD was the last demonstration sport in 1992. Wushu was not on the official Olympic schedule in Beijing. The Wushu tournament was held parallel to the Olympic Games.

In addition, the IF's need to show that they have programs that benefit the visually impaired athletes. It is our understanding that NGB's (at least in the USA) need to be organized as non-profit entities that comply with the nation's Olympic Body. In the USA that would be the USOC.

There are several sports disciplines (ex. karate) that have organized in compliance with USOC and Olympic mandates and have for more than 40 years not even come close to being considered for the Olympic calendar. We forget offhand, what those sports are called, but you can see some of them (ie USA Karate) at the USOC website.   You can see the bylaws for the IOC at their website www,

The process to be included in the official Olympic Calendar is an arduous task. Baseball, which also had well over 100 NGB's was cast out in voting.  Because of costs associated with the Olympic Games, we suspect that it will be more difficult in the future for sports to be included, and sports that are already part of the Olympic Calendar will have to work harder to remain on it.

You do need to start somewhere, and  BJJ should unite as a community to come under one set of rules, one International Federation, and then organize Continental and National Governing Bodies.  The sooner that happens, the better the odds for inclusion in the Olympic Games.


there is a better chance of Judo changing it's rules to allow BJJ players to have a chance in Judo before BJJ is accepted into the olympics as a new, seperate sport.

it is a laugh that BJJ would become an olympic sport because it is in rio. First of all, no ngbs, not enough countries, rampant steroid use; although popular in brazil, the reason that world championships are held is not to crown world champions but to put a lot of money into the tournament directors pockets.

I would guess that Futevol will be the demo sport.

Rick T has a very valid point. If it is to ever become an olympic sport, this is the time. It originated in Brazil. It will have a lot of spectators. The Gracie's are a well known name there. I'm sure a lot of sports have had less going for them when they were introduced to the Olympic Games. I think it may happen.

 The IOC is voting on rugby sevens and golf on Friday for inclusion in the 2016 Olympics.

After further study, the IOC voted to eliminate demonstration sports in 1989 for Olympiads after 1992, making TKD the last demonstration sport on the Olympic calendar.

BJJ will not be a demonstration sport, and other than rugby or golf, no other sport has a chance to be on the 2016 Olympic Calendar..

PTM2020 -  lets seeSurely:BrasilUSAJapanSpainCanada----Possibly:FranceSwedenNorwayIcelandChinaMexicoPhilippineKoreaRussiaDenmarkwould submit teams.

Plus the second string guys from judo and wrestling would probably try out for BJJ. This should help other countries full teams

Isn't one of the issues with Golf that there's so much money in it that it's not worth it for the top players to compete in the olympics?


ballroom dancing probably...

i personally don't believe it will get into the olympics by 2016 however, peter debeen the head of the AFBJJ has said that it is. the winners of the Australia's Cup for that year will be the representatives for Australia for the olympics. how it works for other countries i don't know

that was what he said.

anyhoo, as i said, i personally don't believe it will get in because BJJ comps are fucking disgraceful in the way they are run in general although the mundials are seemingly a lot

im lifeng time grappler and would love to sdee BJJ or grappling get into the olympics, but we cant even come under unified rules. and were probably years away from even that happening.

didnt the last olympics feature a new type of wreslting called beach wrestling?? was it a demo sport?
there is already free style and greco roman , but why the need for a new style called beach wrestling , whichwas basically wrestling on sand?

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I don't think gi BJJ will be in the olympics anytime soon. Judo is king in that area, and obviously BJJ is a huge threat to them, and judo has tons of lobbying power.. so I am sure they will do everything they possibly can to keep it out.
However I do see no gi BJJ making it sooner than later

 If it was included we would see about 3 seconds of action, which would be inserted somewhere in the 8 hours of Womans gymnastics or Swimming.


Of all the lame events they have in the olympics you would think that BJJ could get in. And for the people who say it wont get in because its "too close to judo", what about all the running events they have for different distances (200m sprint- 400m sprint- relay race- the hurdles-etc...) events they have for swimming and diving for different distances and heights) and what about the discus throw, javelin throw, and shot put, they are much more the same than BJJ is to Judo

Great for judo to have the Games in Rio where it is very popular and one of the few sports where Brazil often medals.

BJJ isn't even recognized as a sport by the IOC. It will be impossible until BJJ is unified under one federation and the same set of rules. Too much drama for that to happen.

Thankfully, it wont be in the Olympics. Or you could pretend it is in there, but you missed those 3 seconds...

Judo's venues have sold out completely in the Olympic games since 1964... In other words, there has never been an Olympics (Judo was not in the 72 Mexico City games) since 1964 where Judo was not sold to capacity.

Judo is also in the top-5 sports from the last 3-4 Games in terms of flag-bearers. In other words, many nations pick judokas to bear their national flags during the opening ceremonies. Judo is also one of the most represented sports in terms of IOC seats. Judo is also the #1 sport in the world in terms of how many nations participate in events like the World Championships and Olympic games.

In other words... Judo is not in danger of going anywhere for any reason. Judo is as solid in the Olympic Games as Track and Gymnastics and swimming.

Thus... Just to make ti clear... BJJ is not at all, in any manner whatsoever, even a blip on the screen in comparison around the globe and is not even a plausible threat to Judo.

Yep, just like the Athens games brought Pancration/MMA to the modern olympic games.