RITC 58 - Results

RITC 58 - Results

Gamez wins by KO

"A-Dawg" and Homer win by Decision

A capacity crowd showed up at Graham Central Station on a Thursday night to welcome back Rage in the Cage after a 10 month hiatus from that Arizona venue.

The enthusiastic fans enjoyed an action packed 9 fight card featuring fighters from Nevada, Oklahoma and Arizona.

RJ "Didos" Gamez scored an electrifying face-down KO early in the second round to earn Fighter of the Night ( FOTN ) honors. Other candidates for FOTN were Carlos Ortega, Daniel Betzold, Jerome Oliverius, Mike Ptak, Cory Timmerman, Hans Marrero, "A-Dawg" Sullivan and Homer Moore.

Fight #1

Carlos Ortega ( 152 ), AZ Punishment
won by submission ( arm bar ), 2:47 Rd 1
Aaron Millican ( 142 ), Team Brausa

Fight #2

Daniel Betzold ( 165 ), Team Brausa
won by decision ( 3-0 )
Gabe Rivas ( 166 ), Pinal Martial Arts

Fight #3

Jerome Oliverius ( 212 ), Relson Gracie BJJ
won by submission ( key lock ), 1:25 Rd 1
Mike McIntyre ( 223 ), Team Brausa

Fight #4

Mike Ptak ( 181 ), Team Brausa
won by submission ( choke ), 2:01 Rd 3
Robert Rose ( 179 ), Leininger Dojo

Fight #5

Cory Timmerman ( 328 ), Team Brausa
won by submission ( arm bar ), 1:27 Rd 1
Lemuel Vincent ( 294 ), Warriors Guild Martial Arts

Fight #6

Hans Marrero ( 186 ), Marrero Combat Academy
won by submission ( arm bar ), 1:31 Rd 1
Tommy Gouge ( 183 ), Mohlors Jiu-Jitsu

Fight #7 ( Super Fight )

"A-Dawg" Sullivan ( 222 ), Savage Te Dawg Pound
won by decision ( 2-1 )
Andy Montana ( 249 ), AZ Punishment

Fight #8 ( Super Fight )

RJ Gamez ( 178 ), AZ Punishment
won by KO, :12 Rd 2
John Wood ( 187 ), Las Vegas Combat Club

Fight #9 ( Main Event )

Homer Moore ( 210 ), Team Brausa
won by decision ( 3-0 )
Vince Lucero ( 288 ), AZ Punishment

The next RITC show is just days away.

RITC 59 - Let the Punishment Begin

Saturday, Feb 7, 2004

Casa Grande

For more information visit www.rageinthecage.com

is dewees fighting on the 7th?

Edwin is not scheduled to fight in RITC 59 ( Feb 7 )

Edwin called me in early December to fight on Dec 6 and I was unable to get a quality matchup on short notice. I do expect him to fight in RITC later this year.

This was John Wood's first fight. He dominated the first round and looked great. He got caught with a nice upper cut early in round two. When these two fight again after John gets some more ring time, the out come will be in Johns favor. Congratulations to RJ and his team. We will see you again.
"Pain Inducer"


I have never been more proud to be affiliated, with a great group of guys in AZ PUNISHMENT, every fighter left everything in the ring, and as a coach you can ask for more.

very proud,

Edward Sanchez

Congrats to A Dawg
Z Dawg Blair

What happened to Rainieri/Pardoe????

Also, it's good to see Ptak get a W!

I'll be in PHX in about 4 hours, expect a merciless beating!!

Where are you watching the UFC tomorrow??

James - Bryan has a training injury that has not healed as he expected. Bryan has big fights coming up in KOTC ( Feb ) and Korea ( Mar ). He did not want to risk aggravating the injury so he pulled out approx 24 hours prior to show time.

He brought a replacement fighter to the show: Mark Tullius ( 219 ) from Las Vegas Combat Club. Let me just say that Mike Rainieri declined this matchup.

It was an outstanding show with exciting fights. The RITC 59 ( Feb 7 ) fight card is nearly full.

This is nothing more than a PLANNING card, some of the fighters have not even been contacted yet. Please understand that the "official" line-up will be issued next week.

RITC 59 - Let the Punishment Begin

Saturday Feb 7, 2004

Pinal County - Parks, Recreation & Fairgrounds

11 MC Road

Casa Grande, Arizona

Doors Open: 6 PM, Fight Time: 7:30 PM

Tickets prices are $20 ( General Admission Bleachers ) and $30 ( Floor Level Seating ).

Vince Lucero ( 280 ) vs Robert Beraun ( 250 )

Andy Montana ( 250 ) vs Steve Sayegh ( 225 )

Roger Mejia ( 215 ) vs Wayland Berry ( 240 )

Chappo Montijo ( 195 ) vs Mike Lightfoot ( 195 )

Cory Timmerman ( 325 ) vs Lemuel Vincent ( 300 )

Melesio Perales ( 185 ) vs Hans Marrero ( 185 )

Michael Perales ( 200 ) vs Shane Johnson ( 200 )

Mark Walters ( 200 ) vs Jerome Oliverius ( 210 )

Carlos Ortega ( 155 ) vs Ed West ( 150 )

Noel Leija ( 145 ) vs Troy Tolbert ( 135 )

Frank Sanchez ( 155 ) vs John Baily ( 155 )

Gilbert Cervantes ( 165 ) vs Mickey Nuttual ( 165 )

Richie Reyes ( 160 ) vs Adam Millican ( 165 )

Gabe Rivas ( 165 ) vs Brandon Roberts ( 175 )

Aaron Millican ( 140 ) vs Cameron ( 135 )

Fight Card subject to change.

JPet- How was the turnout?? Was the atmosphere good at the club?

great night, thanks for all of the help eddie, i am glad you are here to help us out, wish i would have gotten the win.


First i want to start off saying that Andy is a hell of a fighter. He was a solid 249,not at all what i thought a he would be like.just want to say thanks again.Also, thanks to all of the fans that came out!
Jpet i think it would be a good fight Steinbeiss vs Gomez,Rj has been looking pretty good as of lately.

Who wants to see this fight happen?? I DO! Have it happen in phoenix and you'll be turning people away
again,both fighters have alot to bring to the table
as well as a huge fan following!

Again thanks Andy!! A-dawg

anything for drew fickett coming up in ritc?

is roland's fight still on in kotc?

thanks to anyone who has info.

It was very good to see A-Dawg back in action, and he looked good. Great fight.

James - GHS was packed. The attendance was 1,500. The atmosphere was great.

1. $2 drinks

2. Free parking

3. A 3.5 ft platform for the cage ( almost too high ). Great view of the fights from anywhere in the house. The lighting could be a bit better. all in all I rate RITC 58 at solid 9.0.

4. No service charge on tickets

5. Good looking women ( including the girl with Kyle Brees )

All in all I rate RITC 58 at solid 9.0.

A-Dawg - your matchup with Andy was awesome. You looked in good shape. I liked the white shirt, tie, dress pants and laptop prior to the fight. You even got to do your "strumming the fingers thing" when your fans thought you might be getting choked-out. I think I first saw you do that in 1997 or earlier. I updated the RITC rankings today.

RITC Heavyweight Rankings

1. "A-Dawg" Sullivan

2. Andy Montana

3. Robert Beraun

It was such a great fight hopefully we can rematch you and Andy later this year.

The Gamez ( 175 ) vs Steinbess ( 175 ) matchup is definitely on my "radar screen" for later this year. The fans love when two guys come to bang.

RJ gave one of the best victory speeches ever. "I don't give a fuck at all anymore and that makes me a very dangerous fighter".

RJ may be on the KOTC card in Feb. In light of his spectacular KO last night it would make for a very interesting matchup.

Thanks to all the fighters and thanks to all the fans. It was very close quarters but the temperature was right and there were no incidents in the audience, even with $2 drinks

hell of a fight adawg, a rematch is a must, could have gone either way,alot like the fight did, looked like it was almost over a few times,and then you guys would switch,awesome.

Drew has a big fight coming up in Connecticut on Feb 20. I also heard that a Fickett vs Brees matchup is in the works ( by not at RITC ). Should be a big year for both Drew and Kyle.

Bottoms Up - that's what I was eluding to but nothing is official as of yet and we are probably 10 days away from knowing for sure.

Thanks Banjo,Jpet,Vince & Andy

It felt really good to be fighting for the fans back in Az.I've been fighting in CO.,NM. & CA. plus my line of work takes me all over at the drop of a dime, so it's hard to set fights up cause might not be able to do them.Yeah Vince there will have to be a rematch cause i don't believe in decisions in a submission sport,either you win or loose by sub,ko,tko,or the corner throws the towel.

Banjo, We like entertaining the crowds they pay to see a good show and as fighters we try to give them what they come to see.