RITC 61 - "Diesel" vs "Battle Cat"

RITC 61 - Relentless

"Diesel" vs "Battle Cat"

"The Rock" vs Montana

Dodge Theater

Friday, April 30, 2004

Doors Open: 6 PM, Fight Time: 7:30 PM

Rage in the Cage is returning to the $40M Dodge Theater with the best fight card in Arizona history. Some of the most popular and most talented Arizona fighters will showcase their skills.

The Double Main Event will feature:

1. An "old school" fighter verses a "new age" fighter when Shane "Battle Cat" Johnson puts his 4-1 record on the line against the supremely talented, K-1 veteran and UFC contender, Joe "Diesel" Riggs.

2. UFC veteran Homer "The Rock" Moore taking on formidable heavyweight Andy Montana.

It will definitely be an unforgettable night.

Fight Card:

Joe "Diesel" Riggs ( 195 ) vs Shane "Battle Cat" Johnson ( 205 )

Homer Moore ( 210 ) vs Andy Montana ( 230 )

Bryan Pardoe ( 205 ) vs Randy Lavrar ( 205 )

Mike Rainieri ( 205 ) vs Rich Alten ( 210 )

Jamie Varner ( 170 ) vs Gabe Casillas ( 165 )

Hans Marrero ( 185 ) vs Robert Rose ( 190 )

RJ Gamez ( 180 ) vs Justin Nauling ( 180 )

Robert Beraun ( 260 ) vs Cory Timmerman ( 330 )

Herb Garcia ( 300 ) vs Gilbert Aldano ( 280 )

Mike McIntyre ( 220 ) vs Steve Castillo ( 220 )

Carlos Ortega ( 150 ) vs Matt VerHalen ( 145 )

Troy Tolbert ( 140 ) vs Aaron Millican ( 140 )

Fight Card subject to change.

Dodge Theater

400 West Washington St

Phoenix, AZ 85003

(602) 379-2888


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Visit www.rageinthecage.com for more information.

"Battle Cat"? Fuck is this, mate, He-Man? Joe Riggs in't quite Skeletor yet, mate, he might have lost a lot o'weight but another fighter's got that nickname first.

Joe "Diesel" Riggs, Homer "The Rock" Moore and Michelle "GrappleGirl" Farrow will be at America West Arena this Saturday night for a "Meet & Greet" when the AZ Rattlers take on the LV Gladiators in Arena Football.

When did Riggs become a UFC Contender? Maybe a contender to get into the UFC.

Somebody fuckin' explain "BATTLE CAT" as a nickname, mate. Is he one o'them cowards until a muscular bloke waves a sword around an' sits on him like in the cartoon, mate?

I guess you would have to ask Shane why that is his nickname. I dont think anyone on here would know that.

Jpet, good card. Cant wait to see it. As you know I am very interested in the Ortega/Ver Halen fight.



I hope you have a good show. Good luck. I hope to see the show someday when the DVD is done

This looks like one of the best cards I've seen in a long time!!

"When did Riggs become a UFC Contender? Maybe a contender to get into the UFC."

LOL Exactly what I was thinking.

Ok, maybe it should have read "UFC hopeful", but damn, doesn't everyone have something better to do than pick apart minor errors?


i was thinking the same thing with the battle cat nickname

cade, run don't walk! The forum is becoming a part of you when you start using the stupid crap we use here and on the OG. BTW, get your green bro.

Inside the $40M Dodge Theater


Damn, that flyer looks awesome!