RJJ accepts Silva's challenge

The UFC could make a lot of money on this.

The PPV would be enormous, either as a boxing fight on a UFC card or just as a typical PPV boxing match "co-promoted" between the UFC and whomever promotes RJJ.

There's obviously a lot of risk to the UFC as well though. Silva could get embarrassed or even beaten to the point of turning a corner and being unable to fight in MMA as he once did. Then there are all the unusual business angles that the UFC would have to handle by going into business with a boxer.

It's a lot of money, but it's high risk, complicated money. I give it a 15% chance of happening. The odds are better if RJJ's team are willing to allow him to do it as a UFC-helmed event, rather than a boxing event. Phone Post 3.0

ThatKickDidntHuroooohhhhhhhh -

He would absolutely embarrass Silva.

It wouldn't be as one-sided as you think, Silva has great timing and understands distance real well. Jones has slowed down some in his old age but he still moves real good and that's where the main differences would be.

Boxing footwork and movement is much different than MMA, Jones is capable of covering distance very fast and his footwork is still dazzling at times.

Silva would have serious trouble with the footwork of Jones and would be eating jabs all night, I think he would do OK but Jones would be a little to experienced at the sweet science for Silva. Phone Post 3.0

Dis gunna be interesting! Phone Post 3.0

ThatKickDidntHuroooohhhhhhhh - 

He would absolutely embarrass Silva.

absolutely 100% and anybody who thinks otherwise is an idiot

Roy was past his prime a decade ago. I'm not trying to slam the guy at all. His talent was off the charts.

RJJ is well past his prime

ShaqNoob - Why did Anderson sign a 10-fight deal then say he'd like to box RJJ?....

lol exactly. Phone Post

I thought Roy was meant to be fighting Steve Collins?

I thought Roy was meant to be fighting Steve Collins?

Didn't Anderson want one fight mma rules and one pure boxing? Phone Post 3.0


Kickboxing, MMA, NHB, etc - Silva, and I don't even think it would be close.

Boxing - RJJ, and I don't even think it would be close.

Yawl must have forgot... Phone Post 3.0

I haven't seen Jones Jnr fight in a long time, so I'm not sure how far he's fallen, but in every cross over I've ever seen the home team wins. Phone Post 3.0

Joshua King -
sincitydc - Didn't Anderson want one fight mma rules and one pure boxing? Phone Post 3.0

yup but other way around. 


boxing first.mixed rules seceond 

I would pay a lot to see that Phone Post 3.0

I thought RJJ was a shot fighter at this point. Can he still take a punch at all? In any case I'd rather see this as a little 3 round charity event just to see how the boxing would stack up than a full fledged boxing event as it would have a sad ending for one of them and just fuel the stupid boxing vs MMA stuff. Phone Post

Rjj would have wasted him 10 years ago but i doubt he could now. Phone Post 3.0

GET THIS DONE. Phone Post 3.0

Pretty sure Andy signed a 10 fight contract not long ago...would love to see this fight but i don't see it happening anytime soon..

Unfortunately silva would get his ass kicked in a boxing ring.. Phone Post 3.0

MMA Playwrite -
They are so majestic 0.0

vu Phone Post 3.0