RJJ Interested in Boxing Silva!!

From Article:

“I just spoke with Roy Jones’ management and they are very interested in it. They think it would break all kinds of pay-per-view records. It all kind of started as a dream of Anderson’s, but if the UFC would back it, it is something that we really would like to pursue.”

Ed Soares, Silva’s manager.


I say no way Dana allows it but still a good read.


I'd Pay to see

Silva just want to prove that MMA fighters are technical too. The problem is, CAN HE LAST LONG ENOUGH to prove that point???

Jim Rome mention this on his show on ESPN today. Said it was stupid and that Jones was kill him in boxing ring and Silva would destroy him in mma fight.

Will they hold it in a ring or the octogon???

If this happens I will have to find a new area of interest.

Picture the headlines:MMA's best p4p fighter doesn't last 3 rounds with aging Jones Jr.

Our credibility would be destroyed/

Ensanity, it would be a sanction boxing match ...in a ring, boxing gloves, etc.

how in god's name does silva expect to win this fight...he's is incredibly slow compared to RJJ. The dude is old and has slowed down, but compared to MMA fighters, his hands are unreal fast.

Only way to do this would be to have Silva fight Roy under boxing rules,
then have a big name boxer fight and MMA guy under MMA rules.

They'd each pretty easily win their individual fights and both sports would
come out looking good.

the odds are definitely stacked against anderson. but if he DID win... what do you think the MMA community will say?

RJJ is down with UFC. I bet he would be willing to fight in the cage boxing rules or mma gloves. who knows. would be awesome. RJJ would knock Silvas jaw out of the cage

"Ensanity, it would be a sanction boxing match ...in a ring, boxing xloves, etc"

Thanks for the clear up...I thought it would be under under boxing rules with boxing gloves but in the octogon

I think this would actually be bad for boxing. RJJ is as cautious as he is talented and would probably allow Silva to last the distance or at least make it to the second half of the fight. Many would say that this would PROVE that MMA strikers could compete with boxers in the boxing ring. Let him box Arturo Gatti!

roy is going to whip that head boy

expect a broken jaw - silva will be sucking his food through a straw after this

Silva is correct about boxers stupidly criticizing technique in MMA, but fighting RJJ is NOT the way to prove them wrong.

Even an older, slower RJJ will EMBARRASS Silva in a boxing match.

It would be interesting if they did it in a cage though. At least that would nullify RJJ's ability to utilize the ring, which is just one of his many advantages.

I think if Silva lasts one round with RJJ pure boxing,then round 2 should be 3min of MMA rules! Silva could last 3mins boxing I think, but RJJ couldnt last 3mins of MMA with Silva IMHO.

The thing is RJJ doesnt disrespect any MMA guys. He is a fan of MMA and just a fan of fighters in general. He has respect for the sport.

this would be interesting if the rules allowed dirty boxing and they used mma gloves.