RJJ Musta Forgot

That he wasn't fighting another garbageman, policeman, mailman, etc. -his usual LHW opponents in the last few years- tonight.

i wonder if he's still going to retire

Striker is very correct!

He probably should, but he probably won't.

Thanks Beth. Maybe RJJ will now move into his very promising gansta rap career instead of fighting.

I must find a crow becasue Im gonna need to eat alot of it. Striker I know you are about as anti Tyson as they come, but even you must admit after seing this performance Tyson would eat RJJ alive.

whitebelt, I have been arguing with the RJJ fans on this forum for years, this isn't a recent thing. Roy is fast and moves around good, but I questioned his ability to fight someone who had punching power and not scared of him before the fight began, which is pretty much the opposite of all of his recent opponents other than Tarver.

The Iceman Cometh, what do you mean? I actually like Tyson, I grew up watching him. I said all along any elite heavyweight puncher would destroy RJJ, I knew he didn't have the chin to take a big punch. I wasn't sure if Tarver had enough pop to put him away, but if he did then damn sure any heavyweight power puncher would.

oh my bad, for some reason I thought you didnt like Tyson

IF RJJ can regroup, I can honestly say that he can beat Tarver in a rematch. IF, that is. He needs motivation, humility, and a lingering taste of crow in his mouth. This is it.

For all of you who have been saying he is over rated, you diminish Tarvers incredible accomplishment, against one of the greatest fighters of our time.

RJJ needed some serious humility, and now, motivation. If he can come back from this, then he is really a warrior, if not, then he needs to retire. Either way, Tarver has proved a great deal tonight.

Congrats to Tarver. Damn, what a fuckin' stud.

Whitebelt - Would you expect any less from Striker18? Intellectual bravery is only a rumor when it comes to any discussion of boxing from him. He couldn't wait to troll the boxing forum, either. Jones has three wins over the current PFP'ers: Hopkins, Toney, Tarver. I guess they are 9-to-5'ers as well. Props to Tarver on a job well done.

Also, look what RJJ HAS accomplished. Tarver would get fucking tooled in the HW division, period. Styles make fights, and Tarver did more than impose a simple style, he saw a chance, and took it.

This KO LOSS does in no way diminish RJJ's greatness, unless RJJ fails to rebound from this loss.

Hopefully, Tarver will grant a rematch, if Jones want's it. We shall see if he does.

I still think Tarver is overrated. Yeah he knocked out RJJ but when Mosley got knocked out by Forrest the Pound for Pound shit was going on then, when Lennox got kncoked out by Rahman etc etc etc. Impressive win but still overrated in my honest opinion, and im not just hating.

RJJ is still a badass, but he got beat tonight. That doesn't make him a tomatoe can, at all. It makes him a ? right now, however, depending on how he reacts to this.

oh and I forgot to add Buster Douglas to the list, Tyson was in RJJ spot when Dougals knocked him out, look what happeend to Douglas, and Mike for that matter.

"Mosley got knocked out by Forrest"

Knocked down, you mean. He's never been knocked out.

I also believe Roy can beat Tarver in a rematch. After all, it was just one punch that knocked him out. Before that, he was out-boxing Tarver.

Now that I think about it, that sequence where Roy got hit by that big left was very similar to the one where Griffin was knocked down the first time in Jones/Griffin 2, only this time it was a southpaw throwing the left, making it more accurate and much deadlier.

and NO, Tyson would not eat RJJ alive. Please. Fuckin' please!

"Knocked down, you mean. He's never been knocked out. "
yeah my bad .

tyson would KILL rjj!!!!period end of story!!!

Christ, you guys are still in love with the Tyson of old -- and that man DOES NOT EXIST. Accept it! This is the NEW Tyson, who had HORRIBLY obvious problems landing almost any punches on countless opponents who were above top 15. Who was that one tubby fucker who Mike FINALLY managed to KO in like round 5 of his "COMBACK" from jail? And NO, I am not talking about Peter M. Tyson was WIFFING uppercuts at this guy, all day long. Please. Tyson SUCKS now. He couldn't hit the broad side of a barn from the fucking inside!

Jones would humiliate Tyson. Just stop now. Tarver is a dedicated, accomplished professional, who trains like his life depends on it. Tyson is the exact opposite.

eric- how would Roy put Tyson away? He throws weak shots, and Tyson was getting lleveled by Lennox for a long ass time before Lennox was able to put him down.