Rocco Doesn't Like ScreenName Bet

but give me a fellow bluenamer and I'll do it. Franklin's mine....

How long?



Naw, ill pass.



I don't know, what's normal?

No a month is fine, i just dont want to bet against Franklin.  Its not a very wise move.  2weeks-month pretty norm.


Anyone else want to take Silva? I'll take Franklin.

It's official Nick. Hmmm, must start planning your new name......

Hmmm, should I go easy on Nick's new name?

Ill take that bet fake pie.

Nicknitro betting against Franklin?!? I smell a work :-)


OK I got Franklin you got Silva, right? How long?

no prob. however long you want.

2 weeks?

2 weeks is fine but I was hoping you had more faith in Richy and would say 2 years ; )

LOL. All right it is on for 2 weeks.

All right. What is my name?

Im not witty enough to come up with anything fast. lol Give me till tommorow morning to think of something. Im just happy it was a good event overall.

Rocco must bump to take his medicine....