Rocco Doesn't Like ScreenName Bet

How bout Arlovski vs Cruz? I will take PDP


Whats so funny?

KKM laughing at me!

SteveD - good job. I have been getting many compliments on this name.

If you win another one you should just name me "SteveD's bitch"

"Lol @ BS stoppage."

BTW, I was drunk as shit when I wrote that and just generally upset :)


wow this guy's getting owned. i bet badboyhere and now his new name is ILuv2Wangbar

I am getting owned? We made a screen name bet and I lost. I fail to see the ownage. It isn't like I bet on Giant Silva to beat Fedor.

Both bets we made could have went either way so I have respect for ya my , JK. If you wanna do the PDP vs Andrei let me know.