Rockhold offered return fight against Sean Strickland - Dana

This is a great fight. I’d love to see if Rockhold can take Strickland down and impose his will.

Hopefully Luke accepts this fight

He tries too hard.

Strickland doesn’t seem to have too much power so maybe Rockhold’s chin would hold up.

Didn’t he leave there because he had sex with some fighters wives? Or something like that.

Could be,I just have not heard or seen a picture.

I`ll have to look into that one.That is news to me.

Bisping mentioned they train together on the broadcast. That’s where the whole Orlando dust up happened as well.

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The way Luke & Mike have been joking around and training, maybe he’s put his mental confidence issues behind him. If he comes back and he’s on top form, he puts Strickland to sleep easy. It’s a big if though. Interesting fight


Its not like Luke got put down by some scrubs lol


Neither did Bisping, and we see how that one went.

Luke’s got a glass jaw. Easy win for Strickland.


this is Dana’s way of telling Cockhold to fack off, Strickland will chip away at him if 5 rounds, if 3 then Cockhold can 29-28 him probaby but my $ would be on Strickland.

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Made me a fan

Luke is a pompous ass but he’s a really good fighter, but for Luke-fans this is a fight where he can’t like Uriah did even get ass-backwards-jab-backhanded across the chin even once. It’s blue screen of death for Luke when chin’s touched.

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Rockhold doesn’t want to go to sleep again for some chump. He wants to get knocked out excitingly.

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I’m happy for him. He played his cards with the UFC and they got him a big name payday. If he doesn’t get touched and wins, he’s the got the best 2 years of his professional career in front of him.

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I used to like Luke a lot then he started running his yap.

I used to like Strickland and then he started running his yap.

Id love to see them beat each other senseless.


Compelling fight.

Strickland in particular is something else with what he’s been saying lately. Mindbottling.

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Ill take Strickland in this