Rockhold offered return fight against Sean Strickland - Dana

Damn. Being a top 10 ranked MW in the UFC isn’t impressive. And your grandma could have beat Uriah? You are quite the tough customer to please.

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Yeah. Nothing will ever “fix” judging because there will never be unanimous consensus on fights.

One only needs to read the wildly different viewpoints on the UG when these fights happen to see it isn’t a black and white matter.

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She could take 45 punches in 25 minutes. Rankings? I’ll sound so negative again now but look at the lhw rankings. I think the 3rd ranked guy has had 2 fights in the ufc. I wish Sean the best, but if we’re on the what has impressed me, it’s not much. On the other hand, Uriah did impress once upon a time and Sean disposed of him easily.

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All those MMA fighters out there across the planet that can’t break into the UFC top 10 in the world must be complete piles of shit and really suck.

I don’t think Strickland is some world beater by any means. But you have some very high and peculiar standards.

Sean Strickland responds to Luke Rockhold: ‘I would probably take a misdemeanor’ just to smack you

With a UFC 268 fight in the works, Strickland took to Instagram to fire back at Rockhold after the former middleweight champ called him an absolute “nobody” and a “fucking idiot” with subpar fighting skills

“All these things might be true,” Strickland said in a selfie video. “But I’ll tell you one thing. Me and you might never fight. I don’t care about fighting in the cage for ego reasons. I like to get paid at something I enjoy. But I’ll tell you fucking one thing. You just can’t live in a radius of me and run your fucking mouth and not expect for me to hit you in the face.

“We don’t need to fight. That’s fine. But I’m going to run into you at RVCA. I’m going to see you in the parking lot, and I’m going to walk up to you and smack you in the fucking face. And you seem like the kind of pussy that runs his fucking mouth and gets hit and then calls the cops.

But you’re such a smug, cocky motherfucker … I would probably take a misdemeanor charge just to smack you and watch your fucking head bounce off the ground. So again, we don’t gotta fight. But don’t run your fucking mouth, because I’m going to see you again, and I’m going to smack you in the fucking face.”

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Quickly becoming a fan of Strickland.


Strickland destroys Luke

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Luke Skyler Rockhold

October 17, 1984 (age 36)

Sean Thomas Strickland[1]
February 27, 1991 (age 30)

30 is prime fight age
luke is well past that
i’d like to see him win, but its unlikely, at this stage

Strickland has a dark, twisted sense of humor.
He’d make a great executioner, cracking jokes at the gallows.


Sean has some great boxing technique and his jab is the reason he controlled that fight so yeah I’m gonna go ahead and say he boxed really well.


LOL at thinking Luke would let someone hit him and not do anything

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How do you see their MMA fight going?

I think Sean beats him to a decision.

I’m on board with Tex and MMA regarding Sean’s boxing. Sean is definitely not a hard puncher but his jab is on point, he has a knack for staying out of range and he constantly pressures.

looking back at the fight against Uriah, Sean let loose a beautiful volley of punches but then went for a takedown letting Hall off the hook.
If he can let those shots go he may stun and finish Luke. IMO, this fight is 50 50.

I agree. He’s fun to watch so I hope he’s worked on that chink in his armor. Arlovski looked like his fighting career was over but he made adjustments and improvements to avoid getting punched and he’s done it real well so it is doable.

Talent wise, Luke easy

Just up to Luke if hes in shape and hungry/motivated

I think Luke will take this

“Luke Rockhold confirms he has been offered ‘fucking idiot’ Sean Strickland” has to be one of the funniest headlines I’ve ever seen.