Rockhold offered return fight against Sean Strickland - Dana

Yeah I figured this much when he insta agreed to grapple with Osito in that video that went viral.

Osito is lucky Sean didn’t beat the living shit outta him when he tried to injure him but then again 3-4 guys would have probably jumped Sean if he started lighting him up.

What incident was this? Link?

Official UFC 268.


He can’t strike for worth a damn.

who Sean?

dude he beat the living shit outta Hall who is technical and has power.

I know people are still pissed about that video with Osito and how Sean told keyboard warriors he would beat them up in front of their kids if they said that to his face but feelings aside he is a legit top 10 in his division.

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Luke is such a turd lol. He was getting so mad while they ask him about bisping and trying to brush it off. He’s just a pompous ass. I do think he can win the Strickland fight. Not if he comes in with his hands down thinking he’s unbeatable though

Hall did nothing and Sean did his thing. Maybe Sean will shock me throwing chained combos and bobbing and weaving.

He’s got a glads jaw, like you say, but once he realizes that, he’s got good potential.

you cannot downplay his 50-45 performance with just this vague phrase lol

Look at the stats or rewatch the fight and then comeback to discuss?

or not lol

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What about his standup was good? I saw it for 25 minutes and it looked not great, I thought. I don’t dislike the guy but no way you can with a straight face say he boxed good. Hall is a pussy and a whipping post.

lol. He was willing to fight a welterweight in Kazmat with only 3 fights in the UFC. And he is talking about how he embarrasses himself on the mic. He should rewatch that press conference with Bisping again. Even his teammate DC says he is good-looking guy, but horrible in front of the camera. He is going to get knocked out.

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Strickland would indeed do well in bettering his mic skills.

It seems like he gets nervous and then says dumb shit. Not the worst issue though, at least he’s got hands and grappling but Conor showed mic skills are also important.

Why should he change anything? The dumb shit has been what’s gotten him noticed more than anything else. Nobody on here was talking about him before the gym fight video and his responses. The comments about wanting to kill someone and making meth have been all over the media He should keep doing what he’s doing. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

You either have it or you don’t. It’s hard to develop that unless you can come up with a gimmick ala Colby. People give him crap for his fake shtick but people pay attention either way.

A good percentage of fighters are meat heads or introverts that love fighting.

I disagree with this assessment 100%. Sean looked pretty good with his striking and avoided all of Hall’s return fire. Hall couldn’t land shit on him.

One thing that never changes is how people see fights so differently. No matter what the fight there are always people with exact opposite takes on it.

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Welcome My Son
To The UG

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Yep. That’s what makes me laugh when people talk about making a new scoring system. No matter what system you have it isnt going to change the fact that people are fights differently.

My grandmother could avoid 45 strikes in 25 minutes. Not trying to put down Sean but I’ve seen very little from him that impresses me. Not seen him on the ground, mind you. He’ll get some big name fights now though and good for him. He’s played the UFC like a riddle.

That escalated QUICK.

Great reactive match making by the UFC. Giving the fans and fighters what they want

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