Rogan suggests Vitor USE TO BE on Steroids


I spent all morning trying to find the podcast episode of the JRE where Rogan mentioned it, but I can't seem to locate it as of now. If anyone else heard it, please toss up a link (It was on a January '12 episode). 


Anyway, Rogan was walking about how Vitor, back in the day, had this massive/thick neck (circa '97) when he won the HW title. And, how at that time he had a famous Brazilian (I think he said Brazilian) strength and conditioning coach, who eventually died at a rather young age (mid 30's) from heart complications.


During the convo he says something like "I'm guessing Vitor might have been getting a little 'help' to get that big"… If you listen, you'll get the point, he's talking about the ol'juice. 


I know, a lot more fighters were probably on all types of banned substances back then, as it wasn't policed like it is now, but I just thought you guys would find this interesting, given the recent buzz about Vitor now possibly being on TRT, a common sequelae for dudes who have abused the juice. 

have you watched the old ufc's when vitor was at HW? it is absolutely obvious that he was juicing.

Rogan suggests water is wet

Hahaha...use to be...

nah his S&C coach back then was american. Curtis Leffler who died at age 36

Yeah no shit, and the sun is yellow and the sky is blue

I'm gonna go on the record now and say Ken Shamrock might have been using PEDs as well.

Haha, what? Hey guys I think I heard on the Rogan podcast something about Nick Diaz maybe smoking a little weed every once in a while too. It's a fountain of insider info!

Ninja Tea Party - Haha, what? Hey guys I think I heard on the Rogan podcast something about Nick Diaz maybe smoking a little weed every once in a while too. It's a fountain of insider info!

and don't quote me but i think mark kerr might have once been on something.

Vitor was also caught using PED's in 2006 against Hendo in PRIDE 32.

Most of the fighters use some stuff, we all know that, tell us something we don't know.

Don't try to shit all over Vitor's name because everyone uses that shit at some point in time, most just don't get caught.

The curtain is really being pulled back on the MMA world today. That Rogan and his loose mouth. Nods disapprovingly

Teenage Vitor who destroyed that P.O.S. John Hess was clearly juiced to the gills. Not sure why this is even relevant.

He tested positive in Pride Phone Post

The traps never lie, but who realy cares.

who cares. these dudes are fighting in a cage for money

I heard that Cole Konrad retired? Phone Post

LittleJoeMama - The traps never lie, but who realy cares.

isn't that question sort of rhetorical? people are talking about it, so obviously people care.


A) I like how I'm being accused of shitting on Vitor... FYI he's a personal all time favorite fighter of mine.
B) I said IN THIS POST that most guys back then were likely on something. Thanks for responding without reading the whole post, you mental giant you.
C) Nowhere did I suggest people never questioned if Vitor was on the juice before. I found the tidbit about his S&C coach passing from likely juice related heart complications to be the more interesting part of the story, as well as Vitor's recent comments about TRT in MMA, actually. 
D) If you "don't care", then "don't read". No need to get all gary with a silent r, son. 

Wandy in Pride? C'mon now...

Mark Kerr, Coleman, Baroni, Randleman and the butt-dart crew at Hammerhouse?


Don Frye?