Rogue Mod still wrecking UG

I was just wondering why the Rogue Moderator(s) is/are still allowed to run around with absolutely no accountability?  I had a thread moved to the "what if" forum for no good reason.  I will not continue to pay to support this site if this is not handled.  Kirik hasn't taken care of this problem, although it has been pointed out to him several times.  Kirik is a good man and can run this forum how he wants.  I can also chose whether to support it financially or not.

BTW, the Rogue Moderator is too big of a pussy to step up and identify himself.  Abusing your mod powers will not make you a man and only brings this forum down.  I have seen lots of people leave or spend less time here because of the abuse of power by the Rogue Mod.

Gary Hughes

Here is the controversial thread:


Always room for another Rickson Gracie thread!  After re-watching Yoshida vs Vanderlei Silva II, I am 100% convinced Rickson would beat Vanderlei Silva easily.  I am a big Vanderlei Silva fan, but based upon his match with Yoshida, he could not avoid being taken down and would lose quickly once on the ground.  Silva is one of the most feared fighters in MMA and for good reason, but I don't think he would have much chance against Rickson.  Silva's only chance would be a quick KO and I think that would be a very unlikely outcome.  Rickson can beat anyone on the ground, IMHO. 


Rickson Gracie doesn't get the respect he deserves.  I like to read his comments on the MMA scene and he doesn't need to prove anything to anyone.  I respect Rickson Gracie whether he ever steps into a ring or not.


Gary Hughes

Sam Pie Kenpo do you really believe Rickson would beat Vanderlei? I for one do not. Do you really train Kenpo?

From: Sam Pai Kenpo
Date: 07/24/04 12:56 PM
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If you have a reason to move a thread to the "What if" forum, it should be deleted. You don't have a reason to move threads and seem to be motivated by a personal vendetta. I will continue to speak out against your actions and will no longer support this site financially because of you. If you were a man, you would identify yourself. You need to leave the OG, before all the paying members leave.

Kirik has allowed this to go on, so I assume he supports your cowardly actions. All mods should be accountable for their actions.

When my Mother's memory was attacked and I was accused of being a drug dealer and a child molester, it was OK, you did nothing.

Gary Hughes

Ice Scream posted:  "Sam Pie Kenpo do you really believe Rickson would beat Vanderlei?"

Yes, I believe that Rickson would avoid Vanderlei long enough to get him down to the ground.  Once Vanderlei is on the ground, he would lose quickly. 

Ice Scream posted:  "Do you really train Kenpo?"

Yes, Sam Pai Kenpo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Why have a "what if" column, does anybody go there?

nunez4...stop trolling you fool!

thanks Gary, I like Kenpo I've trained TKD myself for 8 years and have heard alot of good about Kenpo but disagree about Rickson 100%, he would not get him down

nunez4...I stand by what I said.  Silva couldn't KO Yoshida and wouldn't KO Rickson.  They would end up on the ground and you don't think Silva's grappling is anywhere close to Rickson's do you?

I'm not a Silva hater, I even have a Chute Boxe ball cap.

Ice Scream...Yoshida got Silva down and so have others.

Yeah maybe anything can happen in a fight but is Rickson as strong as Yoshida?

I support Sam Pai.


Unfortunately, alot of threads that merely mention Rickson get moved to the What If forum, the result of many silly Rickson threads over the years.

Lahi...thanks for your support.

zen writer...thanks for your response.  That is something that should be corrected.

Westcoastbadass...that's your opinion, but I don't agree.

If you don't like a thread, don't post on it.  It will quickly drop to the bottom if there is no interest in the thread.  My thread had some good responses and MMA discussions going.



LMAO @ Rickson beating Silva. Silva needs less than 60 seconds to beat that 45 year old ass. Sorry but anyone that is afraid of Sak doesnt have the balls or confidence necessary to get in the ring with Silva and beat him. Hold on Silva should go to his dojo right? Actually Rickson is the one running his mouth so maybe he should back it up but he has proven time and time again to be a coward who is just as bad as the keyboard warriors. I love this mentality that once the fight hits the ground its over. Did you happen to see Rickson fight Takada for 10 minutes or Yamamoto for 20+ minutes? Who has Rickson tapped out in competition? No need to include tomato cans. One dimensional 45 year old man = serious ass kicking by any decent fighter.

Forum Brethren,

I know who the Rogue Mod is, and have for quite some time...

Due to the sensitive nature of this issue (possibility of being banned) I cannot release this information here chaps..even for the forum brethren..sorry chaps.

However, if you would like to email me @ I will reveal the name as long as you do not post it on the forum, or reveal it to anyone else who will...

If you are willing to respect these requirements Sam and I surmise you are, then I will tell you, however it will be merely to satisfy your personal curiosity as I have seen you make this Rogue Mod related thread on numerous occasions.

The Baron.

Westcoastbadass...that's your opinion, but I don't agree.

God Damn..... Gary, you have no idea how much it sucks to agree with Westcoast and disagree with you.

Bottom line is..... if this thread was about Rickson in his prime taking on Silva, ("What If?" forum) well, maybe he'd have a chance. But..... it's not.

For one, Rickson is what, about 45? He's not an active fighter. IF he stepped in the ring with Wandy right now....... I'd bet you anything... everything..... whatever...... Rickson either gets carried out, or walks out a bloody heap.

Rickson isn't a striker, he never was a striker.... and he NEVER fought a striker like Silva. He also never fought a striker who could could hold his own on the mat. As far as MMA goes.... the game passed him by long, long ago. Rickson is unproven as an MMA fighter..... Silva is far from it.

As far as his fights with Yoshida are concerned..... do you really think Silva was ever in danger? Yoshida managed to hold him down at certain points, but I'm willing to bet that Rickson is nowhere near as strong as Yoshi. If that fight went to the ground, I just don't see Rickson being able to keep it there, or finish it while it is.

We, as everyone, could easily go 'round and 'round about this..... I'd rather not.

But, keeping with Team Sicko! (TM) mentality, I do agree with you on one point......

Fuck the Rogue Mod.

I support Sam Pie and his effor to expose the coward known as the Rouge Mod...

brianmeyers....Rickson has weak stand up, just a little better than Royce's stand up.  I believe that Vanderlei is a low level BJJ black belt at best and Rickson is the best ever. 

Rickson is also a very effective and accurate striker on the ground. 

I'm not trying to put down Silva, he is one of my favorite fighters.  I just don't think this would be a good match up for him.

I'm not knocking Yoshida either, he is very strong and I was impressed with his skills.

I just saw a lot of posts saying how Silva would take out Rickson easily.  Rickson is also in incredible shape.