Ron Beer?

Well for one thing , you had been badmouthing him to various people and online and you expect to be friends and do business ? I understand also there was some sort of merchandising issues in the past that went sour. That's what i heard.

"I later opened up Showdown with Danny. I went to say 'Hello, and to let him know I opened a company and if he ever needed any gear, to please consider me. If that's called 'hanging around', then You call it what you like. I'll call it an initial sales introduction. Naturally, he brushed me off. When he moved I still went back to go see him, just to see where his club was at and to congrulate him on his new location. Once again, treated as if I wasn't worthy. Perhaps at this point you are wondering why I kept going back? Simple, I try not to burn bridges and do not worry about people's behaviours, but try and deal with their personality instead. I tried to continue my friendship with him, be it professional or simple 'Hello's'."

Most of our students are not really competitive. They just learn for fun. That said, since you asked our guy Mike won his division in Pankration (well actually he fought two divsions up) and Tish Chambers swept her division at Joslin's I believe, beating opponents 20-60 lbs heavier. These were last year and the year before i believe. Other guys have always placed top 3 when they compete. Ulisses Castro has good things to say about him too.

"No disrespect to other clubs, but where have students from Ron's club done well in grappling tournaments? I mean locally? I've been to most of the local one's and never have i seen or heard of a student of Ron's winning....would this be any advanced division? There are black belts there, but never have i seen any at tourneys, no logo's, no advertising...or have i been missing this?"

How can Ron Beer be running a grappling club when he's locked in Loaf's basement?

There is something fishy going on here...

As a Shootwrestling practioner (under Yori Nakamura) and CSW practitioner/instructor under Erik Paulson I can say with some certainty that Ron Beer has neglegible shoot wrestling experience and no legitimate instuctional certification. We don't talk about him because there is nothing to talk about. Yes he runs Shoot Wrestling Canada, but that is because he registered the name and it is a business under that name. Look how many people claim to teach JKD for example. How many of them actually do?

Suffice to say if he stays in his little school and does no damage I say buyer beware. Most people will train where it is most convenient anyway where ever that is.

Sled dog, it's jsut a name. He doesn't and never has claimed affiliation with those guys.

NG: After seeing one of Castro's guys walking around with a shootwrestling Canada sweater I asked if they trained with him. They said - No, not really. But he does have some good techniques and he's a really nice guy. Not the most compelling endorsement.

The Monkey was once challenged to a fight by Ron at a grappling tournament. Monkey says yes Ron backs down.

Naughty Gorilla,

Are you for real? Markffd requested info on Ron Beer, and he got it. I simply recommended other clubs as history would dictate, as well as other posts on this thread can concur, it may be best to search elsewhere for training.

I BADMOUTHED RON BEER...when? Other than ttt'ing various threads or typing LOL on other ones, I have never directly said anything negative about HIM, other than I wouldn't recommend his club due to my own personal experience!!! And all this was after the treatment in the examples I provided above. After the third or fourth attempt at trying to be a good guy and still getting treated like an ass, he now gets what he deserves...from me at least.

Merchandising ludicrous is that? The conversation was never even commenced as I couldn't get to that point. I was too busy deflecting his negativity. Merchandising was never even mentioned EVER. Who told you this? Ron?

This is the first I've ever spoken THIS MUCH about Ron Beer on this forum...for years all this was happening until I finally said 'the hell with this guy''s a joke to even try it for a fifth time.

Naughty Gorilla...if anyone asks me about Ron Beer, I tell them the truth. It's difficult for you to understad this truth as you are a student of his and must be loyal. You have to defend him...and that is fine. But understand that it will be difficult to defend him when so many people have had negative experiences with him and his reputation in the community is not the greatest.

I think that people are entitled to defend their instructor. But I see no evidence to suggest that his detractors are guilty of anything more than trying to stear someone towards what they consider to be better quality of instruction.
Markffd rebellionjj offers good instruction and atmosphere.
Also, we as a grappling community have an obligation to tell anybody who asks, who is for real and who should not be plying the trade.

"Most of our students are not really competitive. They just learn for fun. That said, since you asked our guy Mike won his division in Pankration (well actually he fought two divsions up) and Tish Chambers swept her division at Joslin's I believe, beating opponents 20-60 lbs heavier. These were last year and the year before i believe."

1. Two people do not make a solid program. But there is always the diamond in the rough.

2. The girls div are never that well run because of the lack of numbers. So it's to hard to judge women competitors and their skill level

3. Pankration events are not grappling events and they are filled with Karate guys with little grappling skill. I believe the topic was grappling
4. what sleddog said!

Naughty Gorilla it's sad to say but you can never win this battle.

let it go and enjoy your training

Spin it how you like Joe, I don't see how you can expect to make money from someone you were putting down

Karmarep, maybe you should reread what i said. I was simply replying to wayne-o

What I don't get is how Loaf's basement fits in all this???


A few years ago Justin Bruckman (Former UCC Champion), kidnapped Ron Beer for reasons unknown. He locked him in his basement and has kept him norished on a steady diet of crushed peas. Loaf has not volunteered anymore information on the subject and everyone is pretty much scared of him anyways.

NOT LETTUCE it appears that you have info on a serious crime, you should alert the authorities. Otherwise, you may be consdidered an accessory after the fact.

What am I spinning...LOL. That's the funny thing.

My comments and reaction and WHATEVER were AFTER, yes, AFTER the MANY TIMES I was treated like an ass???

What's wrong with you?

Showdown Joe is always picking on Ron Beer(?) :) I personally was going to ask him to stop. Showdown Joe is always making trouble and badmouthing people. He is a hot head and is not liked by the MMA community. :)

ViewType sums the matter up nicely, or so it would seem:

(Deep breath in...)


(Wipes tear from eye...)

Ron Beer...heh heh...

No, spare yourself the embarassment"

Quite the testimonial!

What is Ron Beers Web Site addresse?

SHowdown Joe beat me up and took my lunch money.


Naughty Gorilla,

It is commendable that he claims no affiliation with Erik Paulson or Yuri Nakamura since, by your admission he has none. But he uses the name shoot wrestling. It may only be a name to you but it identifies these people as his unwitting associates because shoot wrestling is what they do, as either champions or instructors.

I have no axe to grind, but he cannot claim innocence in this matter. He originally took the name because it was commecially viable. He may not be financially liable, but he is morally responsible.