Ronda and Coker react to Josh/Nate

Seen this pic on another board

Phone Post 3.0

Thanks Warrior, VU



No problemo. Haha Coker was so happy! Good for him. Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

Yeah... That fucking sucked...
Congrats to Josh tho... Phone Post

Coker really seemed to like all of the athletes under strikeforce.

Lorenzo in a trance

Good stuff

Guy on the right


Everyone always talks about Ronda y Nick, but I think Nate is tapping that under the radar. Nick has a GF anyway.

Awesome Black and White gif of the headkick

Is that Cain in the second one? Phone Post

Layzie I couldnt disagree with you more. It didn't suck it was GLORIOUS!

HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe - 

Is that Cain in the second one? Phone Post


Look at the sourpuss expression on Dana and Lorenzo's faces.  

"Our bad boy love affair is over." *sobs*

I love the crowd pics after moments like this Phone Post